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The race become the finalist is announced

by News Monks

Ahead of the finale week, Bigg Boss OTT contestants are keeping the viewers
intrigued and entertained! Earlier in the day, Shamita was seen being extremely
emotional when she was sharing some of her memories with Neha Bhasin. She told
Neha about her first boyfriend who died in a car accident. She couldn’t control her
tears for a while after that. Sharing something so personal on national television
must have been so hard for Shamita!!! Isn’t it?
Moving on to Pratik and Neha, they were spending some quality time together after
Moose betrayed Pratik yesterday. They were in a fun mood today and were playing
by pining down each other on the floor. Today was definitely a good day for both,
and we are so happy to see them having fun. It’s even more amazing to see them
support each other when the connections are dissolved, and they are allowed to play
solo. This proves how solid their equation is after all the drama.
At last, Bigg boss announced the Ticket to Finale task, and Divya was given the
advantage to qualify the semi-finale round directly on basis of audience poll. Talking
about the task, there will be total 5 rounds taking place in which 3 happened today
and 2 will happen tomorrow, let’s see what happens in the task tomorrow! After
every buzzer, two contestants will compete, they will have to walk on a track with a
jar filled with water and will have to save it from the opponent. Every round will have
a sanchalak to see the whole situation. In the first round, Neha and Moose competed
with each other while Pratik becomes the sanchalak and Neha won the task. The
second round in the task was between Raqesh and Nishant. After the task started,
Nishant realized that this task is a shortcut to get into the semi finale round and with
this thought he dropped his water jar!! However, with this Raqesh wins the second
round! Nishant’s decision of dropping his jar could result in his elimination. The last
round for the day was between Pratik and Shamita where the former wins the round
as he quick in pushing Shamita’s jar and get her out of the game. During the task,
Shamita got hurt, and guess what Raqesh picked her up in his arms and took her
inside the house!! Raqesh truly is a gentleman.
Let’s watch what the task holds for us tomorrow and who becomes the first finalist!
Watch out for what happens next on #BiggBossOTT only on @voot @vootselect

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