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Is there any science behind celebration of GUDIPADWA festival?

by News Monks

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA, College

According to the Hindu mythology, the creation of the universe was initiated by Brahma on the first day of the CHAITRA month as per the Hindu lunisolar calendar which usually falls between March and April. It is also said that on this day Brahma introduced days, weeks, months and years. This day is considered to be the first day of the creation of the universe and it is because of this reason lord Brahma is being worshipped on GUDIPADWA.

GUDIPADWA is the SANSKRIT name for CHAITRA SHUKLA PRATIPADA. The word PADAVA originates from the SANSKRIT word, which remains for the main day of the brilliant period of the moon called PRATIPADA in SANSKRIT. The new moon day has unique importance from astronomy view point, which is first characteristic start of spring.
Scientifically intersection of equator with meridians is a major scientific event at the beginning of CHAITRA. This intersection is known as VASANT, the pleasant season when spring begins, nature refreshes itself by spreading a separate charm and gratifying atmosphere all over. This naturally blissful period is worth a celebration and GUDIPADWA appropriately represents this pleasing seasonal alteration.

According to great Indian mathematician BHASKARACHARYA the sun rise on the day of GUDIPADWA is the beginning of the new-year because the earth complete its exact one year of revolution around the sun. It may little discomfort for humans due to beginning of high temperature but the earth gets charged which is required for wellbeing of all.
Historically the GUDI symbolized lord RAMA’s victory over RAVANA and the happiness and celebration that followed. Since a symbol of victory is always held high, so is the GUDI (flag). The festival commemorates the coronation of RAMA post his return to AYODHYA after completing 14 years of exile.

GUDIPADWA is a Marathi new year. GUDIPADWA is a spring festival and some crops like wheat, barley, oats, pulses mustard is harvested during this week. GUDIPADWA is observed with colorful flowers and a special GUDHI flag garlanded with NEEM and mango leaves, topped with upturned silver or copper vessel. The festival of GUDIPADWA has a special significance in Maharashtra. GUDHI is believed to ward off evils, invite prosperity and good luck into the house.

In fact there is a subtle scientific understanding behind the GUDIPADWA festival. We know that the pure atmosphere created after NAVARATRI HAVAN pulls the auspicious waves of the universe towards the earth so that the whole day of DUSSEHRA is known as the unseen MUHURAT. In the same way, the same purity is created in the atmosphere even after HOLIKA DAHAN which brings the auspicious waves of the universe to the earth. If these divine waves can be caught by the antenna, then the whole society can get its special benefit. The GUDHI used during the day to GUDIPADWA only serves to pull such waves. In that sense, GUDIPADWA is considered the best day.

In Maharashtra, on this day, linen silk cloth is tied on GUDHI flag and a vessel of silver or copper is placed on it with NEEM or mango leaves and flowers. We know that silver, copper and silk have a special power or active element to attract positive waves in the atmosphere. Thus Goody plays an important role in delivering positive waves home.

The three main items used in the making of GUDI, such as silver, copper and silk, have many special properties. Such as silk has the property of automatic cleansing. That is, it is clean from air contamination. The moisture absorption power of silk is amazing which keeps many types of bacteria away. Silk has no attraction with negative waves and attraction with positive waves. So that it quickly attracts cosmic waves. Which the family and society can take advantage of through its use. Similarly, copper is a highly active metal. Copper purifies water very quickly compared to other metals. Copper has the property of grasping power which can maximize the collection of positive waves. Silver has the same quality.

In GUDIPADWA mixture of NEEM and mango leaves has very special importance. Both the plants have many medicinal values. Both the plants have anti-bacterial, anti-toxin, anti-fungal properties. NEEM even used by villagers to cure chicken pox, also to treat viral fevers, malaria, diabetes mellitus.

In short, do not miss the task of making the family and society positive and pure by invoking God’s grace, without delaying the work of attracting the divine power of the universe to oneself through the use of such a special GUDDI on the day of GUDIPADWA.

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