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GIM WIZBIZ Enters its 22nd Year Of Quizzing

by News Monks

MECCA, The Marketing Club of Goa Institute of Management (GIM) will be hosting its popular national level corporate quiz GIM WIZBIZ later this week, on 6th March 2022. In its 22nd year since its inception two decades ago, GIM WIZBIZ will be held online this year with the maverick quizmaster Avinash Mudaliar hosting the B-school’s flagship biggest corporate quizzes student-led event.

Since its inception in 2000, GIM WIZBIZ has been supported by the corporate industry. Over the years, it has built a brand of quizzing which attracts the best quizzers and the winners of the largest quizzes across the country, who make a “pilgrimage” to Goa every year to experience both quizzing and the flavour of cuisine.

GIM WIZBIZ annually brings together members of the corporate world from various sectors across the country for an evening of fierce intellectual competition. It also provides the audience with an evening high on learning and enjoyment. This year will be no different.

Quizmaster Avinash Mudaliar, one of the most reputed in the quizzing world and a well-accomplished quizzer himself will anchor the show. Mudaliar was the Chief Product Officer at Network 18 Digital and had stints across multiple media companies over the years. He has conducted over 1500 quizzes in the last 25 years and has been associated with GIM WIZBIZ for the last 18 years.

There are three sub-events that will be conducted WIZBIZ WEEKLY, E-WIZBIZ, and ZEAL

WIZBIZ is a 14-day-long online quiz competition exclusively for 1000 and more GIM students where the daily winner will be announced on the website leader-board. The weekly winner will be announced on Instagram at the end of the week and will receive prizes worth ₹2000/-.


e-WIZBIZ is a pre-event of GIM WIZBIZ 2022 conducted online for 3 successive days. Wherein each day registered B-school students will be required to answer 25 questions in 30 minutes.

ZEAL, an online crossword pre-event of GIM WIZBIZ 2022. The winner of Zeal has a chance to compete with the best quizzing minds in the nation at the GIM WIZBIZ 2022 Prelims.


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