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Toy train through forest Bilimora to Waghai

by News Monks

This train has been running daily for about 107 years between Bilimora and Waghai. This railroad is one of the few narrow gauges left in the country.

This train was started by Maharaj Sayajirao Gaikwad in 1914. The journey from Bilimora to Wagai is 63 kilometers.This train is also known as “Bapu ni Gadi”(Bapu’s Car). When Bapu name appears one immediately thinks of Mahatma Gandhi, but this name” Bapu ni Gadi” has nothing to do with Mahatma Gandhi.

If you have ever been to Kolkata, you must have taken the “tram”. This train is reminiscent of a “tram”. The only difference is that this train is a lifeline for the tribal trade here. This train was started a hundred years ago to bring teak wood. Today, after so many years, this train is still in running for trade. One must go for a ride in this train….

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