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Simbalian Cycle Jatra (SCJ) conducted its first night ride on 13th March 2021

by News Monks

Excitement and anticipation of the 100 km night ride was palpable, in the tremendous response received from Simbalians in just 3 days . 35 adrenaline junkies Simbas and Simbiz enrolled for this exciting event which commenced from Ahmedabad (Bhadaj circle) to Shanku Water Park and back.. and all finished the ride with a swagger that befits Simbalians..!

The stars of the night ride were undoubtedly, Simba Rudra Swami (14 years), and Simba Rohan Patel (16 years) – brimming with quiet determination, these two Simbas along with their fathers successfully completed the ride, as scheduled..

In an era where mobile games and gadget addiction is rampant, these two Simbas have chartered the way forward for many kids of their age.. inspiring them to step out and achieve their first milestone, one they will cherish for their entire lives

“Get inspired .. Be the inspiration” the tagline of Simbalian community has two new stars.. Rudra Chandresh Swami and Rohan Anand Patel..!!

Simbalian Community is equally proud of the parents who focus more on holistic growth of their children, by ensuring fitness and sports are integral parts of their lives

Join us in our Simbalian Cycle Jatras (SCJ) and experience the thrill, of conquering what you desire !

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