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This new feature came in WhatsApp, now the group admin will get new power

by News Monks

WhatsApp is on the backfoot after announcing the privacy policy. And now it is also competing with apps like Telegram and Signal. However, in the meantime, WhatsApp continues to launch new features to keep its users informed. And now WhatsApp has launched one more feature (WhatsApp New Feature). In which the company claims that it will provide more features to the users than before.

This newly updated WhatsApp incarnation has more features like group description, new controls and WhatsApp admin than ever before. The new feature includes a group-creating description. At the same time, other members may also be allowed to do so. In addition, some members may be prevented from giving descriptions. At the same time, the admin will have the power to decide who can and cannot change the group’s icon and subject.

The admin can also revoke admin permissions granted to other members. So the WhatsApp user will now get a mansion feature called Group Cape Up. The advantage of this is that users can see all the messages in which it has been mentioned. For this the user just has to tap the 5 button which will be found at the bottom of the chat box.

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