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Signal App : Find out the reasons that make it special for security and privacy

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Whatsapp is the world’s most popular instant messaging app. But people are leaving it and moving on to other options. The reason is that Whatsapp has been updating its policy for the last few days and this will allow the company to keep a close eye on user data. Also, the condition is that if the user does not agree to this new policy, he will have to delete his account.

People around the world are choosing another privacy-focused messaging app like Signal and Telegram. Signal is an app that only takes contact numbers from people in the name of user data. The app is also used by a large number of journalists, activists, politicians, lawyers and security experts around the world. In this we are telling you the special things about this app.

Signal Messenger LLC, which operates within a non-profit signal foundation like Mozilla. The app was created when Action left the company and donated al 50 million to Signal. This is great for encrypted texting. The Signal Foundation is a non-profit organization and has no partnership with any major tech company. This app is developed with the donation support of Signal users.

The source code of this app is publicly available. Security experts from all over the world can check the problem. In that case it can be fixed faster than the rest of the apps. Signal encrypts everything. This includes your profile photo, voice-video call, attachments, stickers and location pins. This app does not send your message to unsafe backups cloud. Where anyone can read it, including Google and WhatsApp. When it is stored in your phone in an encrypted database. Also this app does not keep you up to date with your contacts on the server and it uses another privacy friendly method to match you with your friend.

One of the oldest and most useful feature of Signal is that you can disturb the message. This feature has recently arrived in WhatsApp. Users can set the time from 10 seconds to a week. The old message will go away on its own. Also, many features like one-time visual media and messaging request are not found in WhatsApp.

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