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CES : Gadgets at the forefront of epidemics, including smart masks, robot cats

by News Monks

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, but was the first to be held virtually in the wake of the Corona epidemic. Interestingly, the companies also showcased gadgets that can protect against epidemics at the show. Mostly such gadgets and people working gadgets remained in the main discussion. The companies demonstrated gadgets that could allow people to return to work, reduce people’s worries in lockdowns, and prevent corona infections while roaming outside the home. This was the first time such technology was demonstrated. In addition, the product, including tunable glass, caught everyone’s attention. The tech industry adapted to the Corona epidemic and organized the CES virtually. The CES is held in January every year in Las Vegas. 150,000 people took advantage of the event through online media.

Vaccination has begun in the United States. People can leave their homes and go out, get jobs. The Biobutton company is trying to help them. The biointelligence company, meanwhile, introduced a coin-sized chest-holding device. The device monitors body temperature, respiration and heart rate, sleep quality, etc. By looking at all these things, the device recognizes that the person wearing it does not have symptoms of coronary heart disease. Even if the wearer does not feel sick, the device successfully detects symptoms of coronary heart disease. The company’s MD James Moult also launched the device commercially. The company has received FDA approval.

Some of the devices on display at the show are designed to be taken care of when a person leaves the house. While some devices are designed to take care of the person at home. The petite cobo robot is ready to keep vigil inside the house. This robot looks like a cat without legs. That model is available in four types of fur. The robot was built by Japanese manufacturer Yukai Engineering.

Many companies have been experimenting with technology to make masks life-saving. The AirPop company has been making masks for five years since the Corona epidemic began. But by changing its original design, it has also been designed to have the ability to measure air quality. The sensors of the mask of the company known as Active Plus are associated with the smartphone. The mask monitors a person’s breathing per minute.

The American Targus company showcased products such as keyboard lights and antimicrobial backpacks that can kill viruses. The UV-C LED Disinfection Light has the ability to kill 2.5% of viruses and bacteria that have the ability to enter the keyboard. It works through motion sensors. Turn on the light for five minutes every hour and destroy the virus on the table and other things.

The tunable glasses introduced during CES hit the ground running in the wearable technology category. The glasses were awarded the Innovation Award for the year 2021. Those who use glasses with numbers for daily reading and writing face the problem of number fluctuations. Tunable glasses have relieved them. The number of spectacles can be changed only by rotating the dial at the top near the stem of the spectacles. Users can adjust the number using the dial so they can see for themselves. With the help of dial, the glass can be adjusted from minus five to plus two.

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