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The sign and message of Rishabh Pant’s success is understandable

by News Monks

Any player can rule the hearts of his fans only when he performs beautifully in adverse circumstances or even in special matches. Such players are called big match players. Diego Maradona, Pel,, Lara, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar have been big match players. In his short career, Rishabh Pant has repeatedly proved that he is a big match player. Devbhoomi Pant of Roorkee city in Uttarakhand is now the country’s superstar. Its success must also be seen in the fact that youngsters from small towns are skyrocketing. India have beaten Australia in Australia and then England in Test cricket in a short span of time. Pant’s performance in both these series has been overwhelming. He plays without any pressure. It doesn’t matter if he is a fast bowler or a spin bowler. Pant has impressed everyone with his explosive batting. Now the whole cricket world knows Pant. But I realized his miraculous talent only when he was living in the small town of Roorkee. He was in elementary school then. I then invited him to play in the Aas P Sinha tournament held every year at my own school, The Indian Public School. There on the playground I was introduced to his wonderful abilities and I immediately enrolled him in my full boarding school in Dehradun with a 100 per cent scholarship. There he was properly trained. The milk-yogurt of his cowshed developed his physical capacity. He also got the best coaching. A special cricket coach was hired for him. Rishabh’s father was a primary teacher. He did not even believe that his child had got admission in a big boarding school in Dehradun with 100% scholarship.

There are many similarities between Pant and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Both are originally from Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand. However, Dhoni’s family has settled in Ranchi. Both are polite even after meeting stardom. Dhoni and Pant still respect their elders and touch their feet. This is no big deal. Indian cricket has been around Dhoni for almost 10 years. He was standing like a mountain on the wicket in every bad time. Pant was standing like a warrior on the wicket from Australia to Ahmedabad. He ensured India’s victory in both the series. Although there is no one to give him knowledge of cricket but he has been playing with his own mind. He is not irresponsible but his style is to hit. He is the captain of the future team India. He still has at least 12-13 years to play. Pant can learn a lot from Dhoni if ​​he wants to, especially the leadership qualities. Dhoni can be like a monk in victory or defeat. That is why Dhoni is considered different from others. Indian cricket fans must have done a good deed that they got such a great captain and batsman.

The novelty of Pant and Dhoni’s success proves that even the small towns of the country are second to none. Over the last few years, it has been observed that in addition to the country’s metros or big cities, the youth of small towns are also at the pinnacle of success. Last year, Pradeep Singh of Haryana topped the UPSC exams across the country. Pradeep Singh of Sonipat district belongs to a farming family. The father farms. Pradeep Singh had appeared for the UPSC exam in 2012 but did not succeed. Disappointment also started in 2015. He then took a job in income tax. Cleared UPSC exam in 2012. He got a placement in the Customs and Excise Department. He was in training then. Re-examined in 2013. There is a place called Shahabad Markanda in Kurukshetra district of Haryana. Rani Rampal, the captain of the Indian women’s hockey team, comes from this place. He also comes from a normal family. She was employed in the railways. Her father was a laborer and a breadwinner.

This means that big success alone is no longer the right of big cities. Larger cities will have larger stadiums and other modern facilities. But the passion is not less even in small towns. They are succeeding by overcoming obstacles. They have Arjuna Drishti in them. They put their full strength into whatever they do. They don’t stay busy on social media. Not long ago, only students from elite schools and colleges in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and some major cities topped the UPSC and other special examinations. Their own children became actors, athletes, etc. The taste of success in the new India is now felt by the children of small towns in all the states. Actually a rapport is sitting now. Success is now being enjoyed by the youth of small and big cities and metros. This was not the case before. You will believe this too.

Look, no matter how much evil a country does, but one thing is for sure, now even in the hinterland, roads are being built. No one’s life is being ruined by power cuts now. The world has come to grips with the internet. There has been a tsunami of information and knowledge. The young man from Darbhanga, Bareilly, Gwalior is also full of faith. He also presents his point. You can’t blow it. He is making the right place for himself. You will find thousands of IT professionals working day and night in big IT centers like Gurugram, Noida, Bengaluru, Mohali, Meerut, Azamgarh etc. They receive a decent salary. If the sacrifices of the parents of the children coming here from small towns are not appreciated, it will be considered incomplete. Parents gladly endure all the hardships to give their children the best education and coaching despite their limited resources. How can one ignore their contribution?

VR Sunil Gohil

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