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Do you know why England captain Morgan is fielding against India wearing two hats?

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India and England (India Vs England) T20 series is being played. India have beaten England by 8 runs in the fourth T20 match. India have won the match and drawn the series 2-2. During the match, the batting of Suryakumar Yadaav was much discussed. But in the meantime, England captain Eoin Morgan has also become a topic of discussion among cricket fans. Morgan was seen fielding in two hats while batting for India.

Morgan was seen fielding not only in the fourth match but also in the third T20 match wearing two hats. Fans wondered why Morgan was doing this. The question on everyone’s mind is why Morgan is fielding wearing two hats.

There is an ICC rule behind what Morgan is doing. Under Coro’s tenure, new ICC rules require players and umpires to keep a social distance on the field. As a result, no player can give anything of his own such as a hat, glasses to the umpire or even to fellow players. He must keep his belongings with him. Players have to take care of their own luggage.

Under the new rules, bowlers cannot give their hats to umpires or fellow players and Morgan is seen fielding wearing two hats. Morgan is not the only player to field in two hats. This was also the case several times in the IPL held in the UAE last year.

Former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi was angry over the ICC rule. While playing for Mustan Sultan in the Pakistan Super League, Afridi was furious when the umpire refused to take his team when he came to bowl during the match against Peshawar Jalmi.

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