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When all is lost all is found everything comes out of silence, says Hari Priyanka Roy who is a silent yogi

by News Monks

Only a lucky few become enlightened and walk a path towards liberation. Hari Priyanka Roy was chosen for this path. She started as a child actor/model at the age of 7 and did it for 15year. She left her home at the age of 11 to learn more about life. 

 She has won 2 gold medals in childhood in martial arts and is trained in nunchucks, sticks, and swords. She has also worked as a lead for an Indo-French film. 

 All of a sudden she left everything and surrendered to the higher Lord. Hari Priyanka Roy revealed that she was waiting for the right time to fully surrender, ad the time has come. 

She says we become prisoners by following the pattern of what this society has taught us/ She also adds that the information available in school books is very limited, and we keep losing our way in this huge Maze. 

She laughingly states. “everyone tries to find god in idols wherein they cannot sense God in every day in the whole creation, seeing in another human being. God is a coined named of higher consciousness. Those who see God in others find their way back home. Others will keep repeating the cycles of births until they realize life’s main purpose is liberation.”

Even though there are several mystic stories of her Darshan during her presence, she does not like to market it and make a business out of it. 

Hari Priyanka Roy bows down to her gurus, Neem Karoli Baba, and Mahavatar Baba Ji. Even though she has not met both of them physically, but she can always feel their presence. Hari, being a silent yogi and saint says everything comes out of silence, and she urges everyone to understand the fact that liberation is the sole purpose of human life.

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