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Scientists are creating a device that will give you the power to control your dreams

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Everyone has dreams. Sometimes bad dreams come or sometimes even good dreams come. But no one has control over whether dreams come true or not. Even if you want to, you can’t stop having bad dreams. But with the kind of technology that is being used now, it is possible in the future that you will be able to control your dreams and that too by wearing a small device in hand. This means that you will be able to see good dreams for a longer period of time and get rid of bad dreams. American scientists are trying to create such a device. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working hard to hack their dreams. The device is being built in MIT’s Dream Lab.

With the help of which you will be able to hack your dreams. You will be able to change it and with it you will have complete control over your dreams. Meaning in no time you will be the owner of the content of your dreams. Adam Horowitz, a researcher at MIT Dream Lab, says that a part of his life is spent dreaming. If we control these dreams, then their personality will be better. You don’t get annoyed in the morning by having bad dreams at night. Often bad dreams leave their mark on the brain for a long time. It is hoped that this new device will also increase a person’s brain capacity. The name of this device is Dorimo. It is worn on the hands like gloves. It will have many types of sensors.

Dorimo checks the sleeping person’s condition. It checks whether the person is in consciousness or in a state of semi-consciousness. When a person is in a position between the two, it is called hypnagogia. It has yet to be tested on 50 people. This device still needs to be further modified.

Dorimo helps control the images and hallucinations that form in the brain of a person sleeping in hypnagogia. Humans in this condition see good pictures. Meaning that dreams come at the same time. Inside Dorimo is a pre-recorded message. Tiger heard a word from this device. So after that all the people had a tiger in their dreams. With the help of this device again the dreaming way, effect and change of these 50 people were noticed.

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