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Cuteness alert: We can’t get over how cute these baby animals are!

by News Monks

Baby Animals! Not only are they incredibly adorable, but each one of them has a different story to tell. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn about their world?Right from their birth, their babyhoodisfilled with a lot of ‘aww’ moments. While they are very dependent on their mothers in the initial stages, these animal babies must somehow find their own way. It’s quite a sight, as they learn the ways of life and nature from their adults.

Sony BBC Earth’s shows on baby animals takes one through every stage in these baby animals’ life – from being sheltered by their mothers to becoming independentadults. Below are the shows that have been sending viewers into excited squeals and melting everyone’s hearts.

The Wonderful World Of Animal Babies

Cute baby hedgehogs. Curious penguin chicks. Playful seal pups. This show will give you close look in to the most important and experimental months of newborn animals’ lives. The Wonderful World of Animal Babies will showcase the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of all the adorable baby animals. You will get to catch them in some of the most vulnerable moments and also moments when they think no one is watching. Find out what drives their joyous – and sometimes strange – behaviour. The Wonderful World Of Animal Babies is nothing but an ultimate binge-worthy show, with a world full of drama, love and courage, where baby animals take bold new steps and explore the world around them for the first time.

Animal Babies – First Year on Earth

Animal Babies: First Year on Earth follows the dramatic lives of six baby animals as they grow up and experience their first year in the wild. The show portrays remarkable behaviour, emotional stories and scientific revelations. Tag along with the cast of infants, troops, and clans, and experience their world in a different, yet aww-dorable light. Whether they’re in the forests of Sri Lanka or the Kenyan Savannah, every animal must adapt to their environment. A baby mountain gorilla navigates the labyrinth of the forest. A young elephant learns how to tell a friend from foe. And a litter of Arctic fox cubs race to become self-sufficient before the cruel winter closes in. With intimate access, expert knowledge, and spectacular moments, this show will change the way you see animals and their babies.

The Wonderful World Of Puppies


Who doesn’t love puppies? Many will say you are heartless if you don’t fall for their cute puppy dog eyes. The Wonderful World of Puppies focus purely on cute youngcanines and their mothers. Looking at life from a puppy perspective, it follows the development stages of these young animals as they learn, love, and grow.

Isn’t it amusing to know about these baby animals and the bold new steps they take to explore the world around? Stand witness to many such interesting details and catch them on Sony BBC Earth’s shows this May!


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