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AAP holds business conclave in Ahmedabad, discuss burning issues facing trade & industry

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A business conclave was organised by the Business Cell of ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ (AAP) in Ahmedabad  on Sunday. Business and financial issues faced by the  trade and industry were discussed at the conclave that was attended by a large number of local traders and business persons. The conclave was addressed by AAP national spokesperson and MLA Atishi Singh, AAP Gujarat president Gopal Italia, and AAP Business Cell, Ahmedabad President Rohit Khanna.

“The problems faced by the businesses, including night curfew, which has broken the back of hospitality industry, were discussed at the conclave. The police and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation authorities are inflicting further financial burden on people by way of heavy fines on various pretexts,” said Rohit Khanna, President of AAP Business Cell, Ahmedabad district. 

Khanna also said that the authorities should have at least allowed home delivery of food, as was the case before Diwali rather than imposing a blanket curfew from 9 or 10 pm.
Atishi Singh, who is also an advisor to the AAP government in Delhi, spoke about the unprecedented downtrends businesses are witnessing in the last few years. “A lot of the problems trade and industry today are facing are because of the haphazard decision of demonetization, which has not met even a single objective. The unplanned and rush implementation of GST only made matters worse, while the pandemic has resulted in unprecedented pain and losses for everyone. Unemployment is close to all-time highs, but the governments at the centre and state have failed to provide any relief or help to businesses throughout the crisis,” she added.

AAP Gujarat President Gopal Italia said the Congress party in the state has failed to raise issues related to people, and trade & industry. “There is no credible voice against the BJP government in Gujarat or at the centre. The Aam Aadmi Party will raise the issues affecting the aam aadmi and industries, and emerge as their voice,” he said.

At the conclave, the AAP MLA from Delhi also spoke about the various steps the Arvind Kejriwal government has taken in Delhi for the benefit of people and businesses.

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