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The dying soul

by News Monks

On that lonely road by the shore
He was a light in night cold
It was the light of darkness core
Of the ocean seaming and turning cold
The weaves were flooding the Shore with the rage
When he walked alone measuring the sand but the oceans heart was like trapped in a cage
He was anxious for walking one the mysterious of the land
He chased the light till he could walk on the ground by now the night was a dark as coal
The heart of the ocean Water no more bound
And he was looking at a dying soul

Soon the brightness in the water began to fade
And the weaves were crashing the store as hell
In glanced at the dark sky and and saw the end warm and we’ll
As a candle flame, the light went out.
It was the end of the ocean ‘s long ride
He had no clue of what was that about
but something in him know that the ocean soul had died
He just stood there standing fall

Now the weaver were calm and quiet and slow
What now murmured his puzzled soul
Night was cold and it was a cold wind ‘s blow
Next thing he remembered was walking up in his bed
He felt in his heart whisper that’s how the goes…

It’s felt as if he he was just dreaming about
The adventures he had led
But his eyes were wide open
When he saw the golden sand on his feet!!!!!

Rahul Suri

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