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The sun is setting with twilight spreading around.
The light is fading with darkness to surround.
Bright day has gone and the night is here so soon,
The sky now, has twinkling stars and the whispering silver moon.

Every night is filled with a purpose of its own,
In the silence of the darkness, some sleep and some moan.
This quietness of the night, for some it’s peace and for some it’s fear,
Yet for someone else it’s pleasure and for some a tear.

NIGHT……a time to sit back and think,
Of all the things and how they link.
A time to look back and recollect memories,
To view pleasures and pains gone by, a night for all these.

NIGHT……when you wonder how the days to come will be,
And begin to dream of moments you’d like to see.
Then sending up a silent prayer you wait,
For the type of days you have in fate.

NIGHT…… also a time to be sorry – to repent,
To regret follies made and to bent.
To turn away from the old and a new promise to make,
Not to repeat again, the same mistake.

NIGHT…… a time after the break of a day,
It’s important and wonderful in its own way.
It has a meaning and purpose of its own,
Which can be perceived…….
Only at night, when you are alone.

Shamim Merchant

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