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“No humans !

by News Monks

Everyone gets one jerk in life.
Which change them completely.
Change their thinking thoroughly.
Mine was not one,
So many different jerks i got.
Each and every time i forgot,
The human i introduced …
to everyone as my best friend,
Had too their own best friend !
Sadly it wasn’t me !
I felt so broken each time.
That i was being called only in spare time.
Nothing strange , i realised,
I am spare friend of them.
I decide to not to expect.
So what if there is no impact,
I found inanimate friends.
My dairy who listens my so many bullshits.
My pillow who heard me crying so many nights.
My doll who never judged me for being silly.
From now they are my best friend.
Till the life ends up.
Because humans are scary !
Their changing feelings are scary !
And when it comes to feelings ..I am coward.
So from now ,No humans !
No humans as a friend or best friend !
No humans please !

Foram Joshi

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