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Zomato IPO on Paytm Money — Millennials make a big bet,

by News Monks

Paytm Money, a leading digital brokerage platform offering the Zomato IPO from July 14th to 16th, has uncovered some interesting demographic insights on Indian Capital Markets, based on a study of investors who successfully completed the Zomato IPO application on its platform. The Zomato IPO received a strong response from the investing community, and a Paytm Money spokesperson shared the following insights:

  • Attracted a lot of first-time investors to the markets: 22% of applicants for Zomato IPO on Paytm Money were new to the industry
  • High interest was seen from Zomato’s Core Audience: The avg. Zomato IPO applicant was 27 years old, 2 year-younger on avg. vs. applicants seen for other IPOs on Paytm Money
  • Higher Avg. Ticket Size: Avg. Investment in Zomato IPO was ~20% higher than avg. investment in previous IPOs on Paytm Money
  • Far and Wide: Reach First time participation seen from around 20 small towns; Some new towns include Huzur in Madhya Pradesh, Palamu in Jharkhand, Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Highest representation of Women: Women contributed 12% of overall Zomato IPO applications on Paytm Money; Highest Female Representation seen in any IPO on Paytm Money

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