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What is the scientific significance of ADHIKA month worship?

by News Monks

The ADHIKA month started from September 18 this year is special in two ways. One is that AASO ADHIKA month has come in Leap year i.e. leap year and AASO month have come together which came earlier in 2001 but was not with leap year at that time. This time or year is special in view of the fact that a special coincidence like this happened 160 years ago in 1860.

ADHIKA month has two main names 1) MALMAS and 2) PURUSHOTTAMMAS. Before understanding the science of ADHIKA month, let us understand why ADHIKA month is known as two such different and completely opposite names because “MAL that is feces” is an indicator of impurity while “PURUSHOTTAM” is an indicator of the best and pure so the question arise why such contradiction in name? Usually year, month, day, movement are all time divisions. Moreover, all these divisions have different deities. But ADHIKA month is a circumstance that has an extra-produced month which has no presiding deity so it is referred to as “MALMAS” as an indicator of impurity.

Knowing this, the natural question arises as to how a month can arise suddenly or accidentally. So let’s first understand its science. We know that there are 27 constellations in the solar system. A constellation is a group of stars. Two and a half such constellations together become one zodiac sign. There are a total of 12 zodiacs in the solar system. When the earth revolves around the sun, the zodiac behind the sun is covered alternately. In this way the earth completes one cycle of the sun in a year, which takes 365 days, this 365 days is divided into twelve months i.e. 30.5. In the same way, the moon completes one revolution around the earth in 354 days. Thus the solar year is of 365 days and the lunar year is of 354 days. 354 days of lunar year divided by twelve months, the answer is 29.5. The difference between such days of solar year and lunar year is 11 days each year. Now the difference of 11 days is 29.5 days in two and a half to three years. While the Moon has completed its journey but the Sun has not changed its home i.e. zodiac sign. Such a month is known by Hinduism as ADHIKA month. Today’s science knows that the solstice of the sun has a very profound effect on the ecosystem which is not possible in the extra month so it is called impure month. This is because cleansing by the sun is not possible in this month. Impurities in the atmosphere increase.

Since the sun is actually the cause of destiny, power, light and excellence, the stability of the sun has a profound effect on the body, mind and soul. Even so, we know that solar energy is the only source of life. Better deeds are necessary to avoid the ominous effect on the cleanliness and purity of the excess sun stability so that the effect of impurity is avoided by increasing worship, charity and religion. The devotees do not like to do good deeds considering this month as dirty, unclean or unholy. Thus the ADHIKA month is the cause of impurity so known as MALMAS.

According to the scriptures, ADHIKA month suffering from contempt and humiliation, takes refuge in Lord Vishnu and the Lord blesses him and says that I give you my virtues, fame, influence and prowess and most importantly my best name that is “PURUSHOTTAM” (i.e. the best among men). Dedicate. So this month is also known as “PURUSHOTTAM”. In that sense, ADHIKA month is a month of devotion. Hindu scriptures such as “DHARMASINDHU” and “NIRANYASINDHU” show many rules regarding ADHIKA month which is incredibly scientific Such as meditation, Yoga, devotion, mantra chanting, penance, Donation, Pooja-Path, scripture reading etc. In short ADHIKA month is the month of bathing, charity and meditation. Bathing is an indicator of purity and holiness. Charity is an indicator of generosity i.e. the importance of the spirit of giving up and sharing has been explained. While meditation means introspection means paying attention to one’s actions and deeds and understanding what is right and wrong that is confirming body, mind and soul through the principle of restraint and regularity.

Thus ADHIKA month means the system of purification of the body, purification of the mind through bathing, charity and meditation. If these three purifications take place in the ADHIKA month, it is obvious to increase welfare of human beings. That is why certain rules of diet and routine life have been shown in scripture for ADHIKA month such as 1) restraint in diet 2) formation of character 3) complete purification through renunciation, sacrifice, fasting 4) remembrance of god names, rosary, constant devotion to God 5) reading of scriptures, meditation 6) much more importance of charity and donation in this month. To distribute ghee, food, clothing, lamps, chickpeas, saffron, pearls, conch shells, etc. 7) The rules about what to eat and what not to eat are according to health sciences, wheat-rice, sesame, banana, cucumber, ginger, SINDHALUN, gooseberry, peas are considered to be the best food during ADHIKA month while garlic, onion, radish, carrot, lentils, cabbage cauliflower, are advised to be avoided which usually increases the TAMAS. 8) In ADHIKA month, certain types of rules such as not lying, worshiping God, not being lazy, not stealing or taking unworthy, etc. can be fasted, which is very fruitful. It is advisable to do as many SATSUNG as possible in the shortest possible time.

According to the scriptures, in ADHIKA month, three types of karmas like NITYA karmas i.e. daily karmas, occasional karmas i.e. karmas with a special purpose as well as KAMYA karmas i.e. essential karmas can be done. Since Lord Vishnu is the presiding deity of ADHIKA month, in this month VISHNUMANTRA or VISHNUSAHASTRA as well as DWADASH MANTRA “OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAYA” gives excellent result. Even so, the ten incarnations (DASAVATARA) of Lord Vishnu convey the message to mankind that the struggle in life will never end, the problem will remain, and every problem has a solution, only the skill and guts is required to find it. But for that you have to have faith in yourself or in the name of God because faith alone gives life momentum and power.

Belief in God is not a matter of superstition or incompetence of any uneducated people but is a proof of very deep scientific understanding and knowledge. Because faith in God is nothing but inexhaustible self-confidence without which no success is possible. But for it regular efforts (penance and devotion) are indispensable. Money, health, relationships, position, prestige or knowledge are even not possible in life without regular efforts and sense of right direction. Moreover, the present life i.e. KALIKAL (Kali-Yuga) or Corona period has created such an awkward situation that man has been suffering from constant deprivation, ignorance and incapacity. Just take the example of Corona, ignorance about Corona virus, our inability to fight it and the feeling of constantly missing out on something that causes stress in life, pain, irritability, bitterness in relationships, etc. and many more. In order to get out, faith (devotion), real efforts (mantra chanting-austerity-moral deeds) and determination are essential. If we are not full of zeal (which is possible through devotion and faith), bliss (which can only be obtained through good deeds) and self-confidence (which is made possible by true understanding or knowledge) then death is certain in the Corona period and similarly lack of these three things can create many disaster in Kali Yuga. So everyone has to become his own doctor. Because if anyone can save you, make you healthy, give you a vibrant life, it is only you. In the BHAGAVATA PURANA, it is said that “Be your own doctor”.

All the opportunities ADHIKA month is giving to mankind to cure all problems of life. As the name implies, “PURUSHOTTAM” is the month of possibilities for making a man excellent. The golden opportunity to get the best result of all good deeds is prevailing this month. The system of ADHIKA month is only to gain an understanding of why to do devotion, how to take scientific advantage of it. Just as winter special food provides perennial health, the month of devotion and moral deeds of ADHIKA month provides health of goodness, peace and happiness to mankind for longer period of life.

We come to understand from Corona that there is no need to be frightened by disease or distress, nor is it advisable to be more careless, otherwise no one can save us from suffering. In the same way, it is not good to be more careless or ignorant about the commandments of the scriptures, but there is no need to be overwhelmed by extreme activities. With the deep scientific understanding that proper treatment (devotion and good karma) must make life better, with that faith ADHIKA month should be understood from both religious and scientific point of view and get maximum benefit from the same. Because as the name (ADHIKA) suggests, there is no room for doubt on the scriptural statement that worship in this month yields more (ADHIKA) result or return.

– Shilpa Shah Director In-charge HKBBA College

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