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What is problem? How to solve it?

by News Monks

According to the scriptures there are 84 lakhs vaginas, crammed with too much pains and problems, but the realization of problems is the highest in human beings as the human mind is the most developed. We all know that more understanding and awareness means greater the realization of the problem. In that sense most painful vagina is human vagina. Even though it is considered invaluable because only in this vagina the living being can be freed from all the problems of life and get salvation with its faith, strength and understanding.
Usually when any obstacles arise in our daily life, there is a state of sorrow or deprivation, there is an obstacle in finding happiness, the mind-intellect stops working, (we don’t know what to do) we call it a problem. Thus problems are felt at every stage of human life. The reason is of-course different every time.

Just as lack of understanding creates problems in childhood, anger creates problems in youth, and physical weakness creates problems in old age. Students are harassed by tough questions, families are harassed by quarrels and battles, gentlemen are harassed by evil, rich are harassed by thieves and dictatorship is a problem for the citizens. Thus the problem means adversity scarcity opposition, un-fulfillment of desires, increase of unimaginable events, betrayal, deception, false accusation, condemnation etc. are known as the problem.

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Such problems are usually caused by our own or others as well as by nature. Based on which the problems can be divided into three categories. 1) Supernatural Problems which are caused by the elements of nature such as earth, water, air, fire and sky, i.e. natural disasters are the cause of our problems, such as very cold, very hot, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, viruses like corona, Fire (global warming) etc. 2) Metaphysical problems – means problems caused by others, such as pain or difficulties caused by relationships (including all kinds of quarrels and vicious cycle of expectation-complaints) problems caused by friends, neighbors, relatives, caste-crew, country, etc. There are also some physical problems such as illness caused by other creatures like mosquitoes and flies, theft by others, debt or poverty due to relationships or responsibilities. 3) Spiritual problem – which is the problem created by the person’s own deeds. Behind which a person’s own nature may be responsible, moreover vices like lust, anger, infatuation, greed, ego, jealousy may be responsible. Actually nature, disposition or vices of human being is subject to his preexisting deeds. Many problems are created by human beings due to their ignorance, laziness, negligence, carelessness, excessive haste, lack of foresight.

The question is, how can all these problems be solved? There are usually three solutions to the problem. 1) Find a solution to the problem or deal with the problem 2) Endure the problem 3) Ignore the problem means avoid it. Often individuals try to avoid the problem. Because solving a problem requires a very deep understanding, esoteric knowledge and skill, which is not possible for everyone. The other way is to endure, but the human endurance of the KaliYuga is very low. How can he tolerate a big problem if he can’t stand even a little cold or heat or small criticism or disregard by someone? If he is not able to find a solution as well as cannot tolerate it than it is obvious that he can only avoid the problem. Here I remember the story of a desert bird that has closes its eyes to avoid the oncoming hurricane, will it survive the hurricane? because avoiding problems or ignoring them cannot be result. It may happen that small problems come together and create a big explosion that will destroy the whole existence of a person. So that avoiding problems is in no way appropriate.

A permanent solution must be found. Solutions have to be found according to above three categories of problems. There is no special way to deal with such supernatural problems. Yet natural problems can be alleviated to a great extent through scientific or social development. Such a strong house can be built to avoid earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, heat, cold etc. Similarly, drugs or vaccines against diseases caused by mosquitoes or viruses can be avoided. With the help of equipment like AC-heater, the trouble of the season can be avoided. But a closer look at life reveals that only ten to twenty percent of life has a supernatural problem. Primarily, we are plagued by spiritual problems. Behind which our own nature, rites, habits and vices are responsible. Moreover, we are responsible for the problem that has arisen and we can solve it. But we seek the advice and guidance of others in vain all our lives, such as the help of astrologers, counselling of psychologists, the advice of other so-called our loved ones, etc., which can never give appropriate results. Because our own ignorance, lack of understanding, laziness, selfishness, madness etc. are our weaknesses, the morning of happiness cannot grow in life unless we remove our weakness. Just as the solution of supernatural problems is possible through certain types of development, acquisition or research of facilities, so the physical problems (i.e. injustice and unfair treatment by others) can be overcome by a positive approach as well as real endurance and spiritual problems can be overcome by changing our nature and habits as well as by cultivating virtues. For which one has to do penance for real enlightenment as long as there is no understanding troubleshooting may not be possible.

In short, it is more important to solve the problem than to avoid, tolerate or endure it. Because when compromise is made, something dies from within, and by acting against nature we lose the happiness of instinct. In the same way a compromise may be possible for a short period of time but not for a lifetime. Such a rude, uncivilized, evil, greedy or selfish relative can be tolerated for a while as a guest but it is difficult to tolerate for lifelong. In the same way, if any disease occurs, it cannot be avoided, it cannot be tolerated more than necessary and it cannot be reconciled with it for life. The disease must be prevented. My personal opinion is that it is more logical to try to solve any problem in life than to avoid, tolerate or reconcile it. But we try to either avoid or tolerate all the problems of the life, which is our greatest ignorance. Maybe that’s why our lives are so full of incredible problems. Accurate knowledge (deep logical understanding) is essential for a problem-free life. Every problem should be understood from the beginning and its solution should be found so that it is not too late. Because of the long delays, sometimes the game gets out of hand. We know that many diseases like cancer can be cured if caught in the first stage, but if the disease (problem) is caught late there is no choice but to repent.


~ Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College

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