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Vikesh Patel’s Gujarati song, “Anantam Nanu Aa Ghar”, celebrating love, releases today

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On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Panorama Music released a Gujarati song “Anantam Nanu Aa Ghar” by lyricist and producer Vikesh Patel. Sung and composed by Soham Naik, it underlines that true love is forever.

Says Patel, “I believe that even when the heart stops beating, it does not stop loving. My words have been beautifully set to music and crooned by young Soham who has popular hits like “Raanjhana Ve”, “Humko Tumse Pyar Hai” and the more recent “Jaaniye” to his name. We are confident that this song too, which came straight from our hearts, will strike a chord with listeners across not just India, but the world too because love knows no barriers, not even that of language.”

Mixed and mastered by Hamza Daginawala of Studio Fifty-Three, with additional programming by Jagdeep Sharma, a poignant video has been filmed by director duo Esha Patel and Atul Soni. It features Natik Desai and Heena Varde as a much-in-love couple who two years ago, soon after they were married, had moved into a chawl.

“It depicts how after a few scuffles and ruffles they happily settle into community living, finding pleasures in simple joys, be it early morning riyaz or a bicycle ride and a handful of peanuts by the sea. Then, what happens to have the cops come knocking on their door one rainy night as their neighbours fearfully huddle under their umbrellas?” Esha says building the suspense.

Natik Desai, who quite appropriately plays a singer in the video, adds, “It’s the twist in the tale at the end that makes the video unforgettable and brings out the true meaning of the song.”

“We are glad to be associated with ” Anantam Nanu aa Ghar”. Gujarati music is one of our major focus area to build our regional catalogue” says Rajesh Menon, CEO of Panorama Music.


Soham sums it up saying, “Valentine’s Day has passed, but if you believe in love, you would know that you don’t need a day, a reason or an occasion to celebrate love. We live it every day, every moment. As our song says, it’s anantam.”


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