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“VHALIDA” Song from “Hurry Om Hurry” Hits the Airwaves

"VHALIDA" Song from "Hurry Om Hurry" Hits the Airwaves

by NewsMonks

The musical journey of the much-anticipated Romcom, “Hurry Om Hurry,” has taken an exciting turn with the release of the melodious track, “VHALIDA.” This soul-stirring song reased by Sanjay Chhabaria’s Everest Entertainment is poised to captivate hearts and set the perfect tone for the film’s impending release.Song link https://youtu.be/cH_wmQbdk-s


“VHALIDA” – A Musical Masterpiece: Composed by the exceptionally talented Parth Bharat Thakkar, “VHALIDA” is a musical masterpiece that beautifully complements the essence of “Hurry Om Hurry.” With lyrics penned by the esteemed Dilip Rawal, this song weaves a poetic narrative that resonates with love and emotion – themes central to the film.

An Unforgettable Vocal Duo: The magic of “VHALIDA” is brought to life by the soulful voices of two musical powerhouses – Kirtidan Gadhvi and Bhoomi Trivedi. Their mesmerizing vocals add depth and emotion to the song, creating an unforgettable auditory experience that promises to leave listeners enchanted.

The song “VHALIDA” showcases an exceptional talent and creative synergy that has gone into crafting the musical landscape of “Hurry Om Hurry.” It serves as a precursor to what audiences can expect from the film’s full soundtrack, which is already generating immense excitement.

A Glimpse into “Hurry Om Hurry”: Directed by the promising Nisarg Vaidya, “Hurry Om Hurry” is a romantic comedy that explores the intricacies of love, friendship, and the opportunities life grants us for a second chance at happiness. With a stellar cast that includes Raunaq Kamdar, Siddharth Randeria, Vyoma Nandi, and Malhaar Rathod, supported by a talented ensemble, the film promises to be a heartwarming cinematic experience.

As “Hurry Om Hurry” inches closer to its theatrical release on November 24th, 2023, the release of “VHALIDA” serves as a delightful teaser of what awaits audiences.

“VHALIDA” is now available on all major music streaming platforms, allowing fans to immerse themselves in its melodic charm. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as “Hurry Om Hurry” continues its journey towards the big screen.

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