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USATA – pioneer in packaged drinking water from the air, launches ARIA LifeWater – the world’s first atmospheric mineral water

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In the world today, where all natural resources are burdened and the climate crisis is manifesting itself around us, to find an alternate method to derive a resource as precious as water, is nothing short of a fabulous achievement. A first in the world no less, a packaged water bottling plant will literally turn the air around us, to water. The plant for this has been set up in Hyderabad by USATA Enterprises Pvt Ltd, a name synonymous with innovation and drive. USATA owns and operates this world’s first water from air bottling plant in Hyderabad that is also BIS and FSSAI certified.


An extremely essential yet fast depleting resource, the supply of clean and safe drinking water is a battle that we face daily. This dearth in supply of drinking water is a global concern and rightfully so, 1% of all water on Earth is freshwater and those have been and are being considerably exploited. The call for action is urgent and real as more than 50% of the planet’s 37 largest aquifers are stressed due to climate change and population growth. With this population and industrial growth, there is a rise in the demand for drinking water, which most certainly cannot be met by natural resources beyond a point. This problem of availability is further aggravated by the discharge of wastes into scarce water bodies, leading to contamination of the water, adversely affecting health.


We need to look somewhere else for water and “Aria LifeWater” does exactly that. Tapping into the abundant atmosphere, which contains vast amounts of water; there is approximately six times more water in the air than from all the rivers on our planet combined, it is working towards solving a very important problem ingenuously. At any given point of time, there are 37.5 million-billion gallons of water in the atmosphere, making it the most abundant source of fresh water. Only 1% of this atmospheric water is enough to take care of the present global water needs. And all this water is recycled multiple times throughout the year in a process called natural water cycle. Air Water Generators (AWG), which USATA uses is a solution capable of tapping into this renewable source of water. With USATA’s bottling plant sourcing its water from AWG, it is eliminating dependence on scarce groundwater sources. This also helps conserve scarce and depleting surface/ground water resources, thus helping in increasing the Earth’s water-table.


Aria LifeWater is packaged in high grade 36-38 gsm PET bottles that are recyclable. This enables us to effectively recycle while providing better returns to our waste warriors, as these bottles are heavy and earn more per/kg value quickly, which in turn actively motivates them to recycle our bottles. It is essential to comprehend that meticulous segregation of waste, its proper disposal and recycling is a truly sustainable solution. Strict laws and effective public policy interventions are required to ensure this along with individual responsibility, as one has to realize that completely changing the material of the bottle to glass (which we intend to do in the future, for a segment of our consumers) would mean inaccessibility of something as important as drinking water for the masses, because of cost related factors. We as a society need to work towards changing our habits and move towards a culture of proper disposal of plastic because it will only be then, will we accelerate towards a sustainable future.




“Aria LifeWater”, the bottled water brand, will be the Gold Standard of water quality. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have approved the plant and the water quality, a first in India. The quality of Aria LifeWater is also in line with drinking water quality standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Ària LifeWater is powered and remineralised with CSIR-IICT (Council of Science & Industrial Research – Indian Institute of Chemical Technology) patented technology. The partnership that Ària LifeWater has forged with IICT for our mineralisation technology, which assists us in ensuring Ària LifeWater has the highest amount of essential minerals for wellness and health. This itself is another credible milestone, as it is a direct recognition from a government research body for our work towards creating a better and more sustainable future.


Aria LifeWater is a result of conscious innovation and dedication towards a sustainable and climate cognizant alternative to drinking water. Each and every bottle of Aria LifeWater consists of mineral enriched water which is painstakingly achieved by condensing atmospheric moisture using innovative technology. Aria LifeWater is on a mission to ease the world’s dependence on scarce water resources by providing water on a sustainable basis.


“Providing sustainable water means the ability to meet the present water needs of the world without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Aria LifeWater’s goal is to raise the Earth’s water-table – one bottle at a time. Each bottle of Aria LifeWater produced will save up to 3 bottles of water in the ground, thus making Aria LifeWater the most sustainable water in the market” said Sachin Vaddavalli, Founder and Managing Director of USATA Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

He added, “Aria LifeWater has the highest mineral content in the market now, these minerals are essential and necessary to consume on a daily basis. As a result of these high minerals, Aria LifeWater has a distinctive earthy flavour to it. This water has all the essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium for healthy life and can be consumed by all age groups”

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