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Union Home and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah addressed the function organized the event to mark the 400th birth anniversary of Sri Lachit Borphukan in New Delhi today

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Union Home and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah addressed the function organized to mark the 400th birth anniversary of Lachit Barphukan in New Delhi today. Several dignitaries including Chief Minister of Assam Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma and Union Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal were present on the occasion.




In his address, Shri Amit Shah said that if Lachit Barphukan had not been there, the entire Northwould not have been a part of India today because the decisions taken by him at that time and his courage saved not only North East India but entire South Asia from religious invaders. He said that the nation, civilization and culture is indebted to the bravery of Lachit Barphukan.


Shri Amit Shah said that Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has worked on taking the name of the great son of India outside the borders of the North East. Shri Shah said that the people who do not have a sense of pride in their history, can never build their nation’s golden future. He said that if the country has to have a golden future, then it is very important to be proud of our


The Union Home Minister said that the bravery displayed by Barphukan during the most difficult times inspired resistance to Aurangzeb in every part of the country. He said that when Shivaji Maharaj was giving strength to the spirit of Swaraj in the South, the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in the North and Veer Durgadas Rathod was fighting in Rajasthan in the West, in the same period, Lachit Barphukan was fighting in the East to defeat the Mughal army.




Shri Amit Shah said since 1999 in the National Defence Academy (NDA) the Lachit Barphukan Gold Medal is given to the best cadet so that our brave soldiers can take inspiration from this warrior. Shri Shah said that today the most intact culture in the country is found in the North East which is also known for its natural beauty. The language, culture, songs, music, costumes and food of the North East have remained in their original form. He said that be it Akbar or Aurangzeb, Qutbuddin Aibak or Iltutmish, Bakhtiyar Khilji or Iwaz Khilji, Muhammad bin Tughlaq or Mir Jumla, each one of them had to face defeat in the North East.


The Union Home Minister said that the life of Lachit Barphukan is an example of courage.. He said hat courage implies doing the work which is feared and on the basis of that courage, Barphukan achieved the biggest victory of his period in adverse circumstances against a large Mughal army. Shri Shah said that Barphukan united and brought together tribal forces of Assam. He said that the exhibition at Vigyan Bhawangives a glimpse about theFreedom Struggle fought in the North-Eastern part of the country. He said that our history may have been written incorrectly, but now no one can stop us from rewriting our history in a glorious manner. He said that we have to present our history before the world in a glorious manner. Shri Shah called on historians and students of history present to conduct research on the 30 great empires, which ruled any part of the country for more than 150 years, and 300 personalities who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country,so that true history will come out and the false history will itself be separated. He said that taking the sacrifice and courage of the heroes of our Independence struggle to every nook and corner of the country will inspire our future generations.


Shri Amit Shah said that according to historians, in the battle of Saraighat, Lachit Barphukan faced the big cannons and ships of the Mughals on the strength of his small boats and well-armed army. Lachit Barphukan’s army was imbued with the spirit of patriotism, whereas the Mughal army lacked it, which was the reason that despite the disparity in terms of numbers, resources and weapons, Lachit Barphukan’s army won and saved the sovereignty, culture and civilization of the Ahom state. He said that Ramsingh, who had won many battles from Bengal to Kandahar, after being defeated by the army of Lachit Barphukan, expressed surprise that he had never seen before such a multi-talented army of Assamese soldiers who were experts in sailing boats, shooting arrows, digging trenches, using guns and cannons. Shri Shah said that only an alert and courageous commander can create such a versatile army. Lachit Barphukan after becoming the commander made his army expert in all modes of wars in a very short time. In order to prepare a strong navy to fight the battles in Assam on the Brahmaputra, Lachit Barphukan trained every person in his navy.


The Union Home Minister said when the Mughals launched their attack, Lachit Barphukan entrusted the responsibility of fortification to his maternal uncle. But due to his love for the country above the love of his own people, Lachit Barphukan beheaded his own maternal uncle due to lack of timely response. Such an example of patriotism is not found anywhere. Only a person completely immersed in patriotism can do this. This incident ignited the flame of patriotism in Lachit Barphukan’s army. Shri Amit Shah said that Lachit Barphukan was determined to win the war. Despite being ill before the Saraighat Battle, Lachit Barphukan decided to fight. Barphukan fought against the Mughals even after some of his soldiers tried to take him to a safe place and won the battle and thus erasing the humiliating defeat of the Ahom Kingdom in the first war with the Mughals. He took revenge with such a courage that after this no Muslim invader dared attack Assam.




Shri Amit Shah requested Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma that the life story of Lachit Barphukan should be translated into Hindi and 10 other India languages so that every child is made aware of his courage and sacrifice. The Home Minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has therefore decided to celebrate the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav so that our youth, children and the new generation can be introduced to the unsung martyrs and warriors of Freedom and so that they understand the value of Freedom by taking inspiration from it. On this occasion, Shri Amit Shah recalled the famous historian Suryakumar Bhuria and said that Bhuria has immortalized Barphukan by editing, translating and publishing the history related to his life. These works needs to be taken to all the States and every India language.

Shri Amit Shah said that by establishing peace and development in the North Est India through air and rail connectivity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has connected the North East art with the rest of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created an emotional connection between North Eastern states and the rest of India. Today the North East is proud to be part of India. He said that in the last 8 years, there have been many successes, such as armed groups laying down arms and joining the mainstream. This is the time to unite the Nation through history, culture, language and religion to make a strong India and the Assam Government’s effortsare a big step towards fulfilling this objective, which will be continued. This will create a feeling for the North East within the entire country and will create a sense of belongingness in the North East for the entire country.



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