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Through Yoga, Garba, Antakshari, Meditation, Puja and etc reduce the stress levels of patients : Surendar.C. Chhajed

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The World facing Coronavirus Pandemic and everone is facing it.  Each hospital is striving to provide the best treatment to its patients. The mission of Hridhya Se has always been inspire, hope and contribution to the health and well being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated practice by imparting knowledge with high technology and a vision to be the unmatched leader in providing quality at an affordable cost. Looking at this scenario Hridhya se can see that many people have been affected economically so this is where we step in to help the public to ease then with economical burden that they face while they have to take treatment during this pandemic.

On this Hridhya Se- (A Product of Turning-Point Healthcare Pvt. Ltd) Shri Surendar.C. ChhajedFounder & Chairman Said, – “Hridhya Se Hospital has come up with a new approach to treatment in which the stress levels of patients are reduced through yoga, garba, Puja, meditation, worship, live music with the band. Hridhya Se Hospital strive to build a bond with patients with trust as base. A patient’s wellbeing is the greatest gift that we wish and motivate us more to serve more with the best of the services we have. “ 

In an exercise to serve all the sections of the society, we are aiming to setup a chain of multispeciality hospitals and clinics across nation. Hridhya Se Hospital also aim in educating people that how important it is to monitor one’s health by taking regular health checkups twice a year. To inculcate a healthy practice We have planned to launch an awareness programs where we provide free health check to 2000 families across the cities.

Our recently adopted brand promise, “where treatment comes from the heart” is actually a promise to all our internal and external stakeholders, which includes our partners, employees, patients, business associates and public. Our vision is to become most trusted and respected name in the healthcare sectors in India.

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