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Things to remember after getting the Covid vaccine if you have diabetes

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Individuals with diabetes should get the vaccine to lower their risk of suffering Covid-19-related issues,” said Dr. Ayush, the founder of Nivaran Health and a diabetes doctor in Ghaziabad.


Dr. Ayush Chandra is an expert diabetologist in Delhi and the founder and director of Nivaran Health, a state-of-the-art healthcare center specializing in preventing, diagnosing, and treating a wide range of disorders. Through his clinic, he is dedicated to giving the best medical care to his patients.

Dr. Ayush Chandra is one of Ghaziabad’s greatest diabetologists, with 11 years of experience in healthcare administration and clinical practice and three years as a diabetes management specialist.

His main areas of interest and competence include chronic diabetes, endocrine diseases, and gestational diabetes.


Dr. Ayush Chandra is a Diabetic Foot Care Specialist who received his training at the reputed Christian Medical College in Vellore. This training enables him to provide his patients with high-quality care.


He also holds a Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus (FIDM) from Delhi’s world-renowned Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.


Furthermore, this young and energetic diabetologist in Ghaziabad is equally capable of treating thyroid, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity.

Experts have repeatedly stated that patients with diabetes are at a heightened risk of acquiring Covid-19-related problems and should get immunized as soon as feasible. Vaccination, on the other hand, is typically accompanied by apprehension about developing any adverse effects. Doctors warn that individuals should not be afraid to get immunizations.


“Individuals with diabetes, in particular, should get the vaccine to reduce their risk of developing Covid-19-related complications,” said Dr. Ayush Chandra, the best diabetes doctor in Ghaziabad, adding that they can take note of a few things that will help them manage any side effects following the vaccination.

Dr. Ayush stressed the need for a healthy diet for diabetics, especially after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, saying that it aids in the maintenance of a stable blood glucose level. In addition, nutrition has a vital role in developing and boosting immunity.


People with diabetes who have just been vaccinated should eat foods that boost immunity and have anti-inflammatory characteristics, such as

  1. Fish: Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in boosting immunity. Fish also aids in the reduction of inflammation and the improvement of overall well-being.


  1. Egg: Eggs are a high-protein food that aids in the development of immunity. Eggs are also high in vital amino acids, which help to boost the immune system.

3. Chicken: We’ve all heard about chicken soup’s anti-inflammatory properties and how it can help us recover from vaccinations or illnesses. Chicken flesh has a low-fat level, making it ideal for diabetics and persons with high blood pressure. Furthermore, because chicken is a high-protein food, it can be ingested twice to three times a week following immunization.


  1. Fruits and vegetables: Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables boost immunity.


  1. Turmeric: Turmeric is high in curcumin, which is good for people’s health and helps them avoid stress. People are frequently worried before or following vaccination. Turmeric milk or golden milk can help them relax and boost their immune system. Aside from meals, those with diabetes who have recently been vaccinated must stay hydrated. To avoid typical side effects of the Coronavirus vaccine, such as fever, arm ache, weakness, and joint pain, they must drink enough fluids like buttermilk and fresh fruit juice. If a person develops a fever or severe pain, they should consult a doctor and take the medication prescribed by the doctor to alleviate the symptoms.


What should persons with diabetes avoid after they’ve been vaccinated?


“Most people believe that after immunization, they can go without wearing a mask, but this is not the case. People will not be able to go without wearing masks until many people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Despite being vaccinated, people with diabetes must ensure that they wear their masks when out in public. Aside from wearing a mask, people must maintain social distance and wash their hands regularly.

They must stay away from:


*Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided for a few days following immunization since they can exacerbate or worsen the vaccine’s adverse effects.

*Getting vaccinated on an empty stomach should be avoided.

*Drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated beverages before and for a few days after vaccination

*Exercising excessively soon after receiving the vaccine

*Using an ice pack or hot fomentation at the injection site


Vaccination may cause modest adverse effects in some persons with diabetes, but it can dramatically reduce their chances of acquiring severe COVID-19-related problems. Following immunization, some patients may have a fever, headaches, and arm discomfort. If these symptoms last more than three days, you should consult your doctor.

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