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The Story of Truecaller

by News Monks

: Today is a special day for us at Truecaller. They say small beginnings are the launch pad to a great future, and we know success does not come overnight for anyone. Today, we are proud to bring to you a very special video: ‘The Story of Truecaller’.

To be clear, this is not just any video. It goes right back to the very beginning, when Truecaller was nothing more than an idea in the minds of two young and passionate engineers. Alan and Nami’s story takes us to all corners of the world. Meeting in university in Sweden, they bonded over Nami’s flash new smartphone. They posted Truecaller on an online forum in 2009. 12 years later, Truecaller now provides a vital service to nearly 280 million users across the world. The founders now tell their inspirational story in film.

Watch the video on our official YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/vpHpv2AWoV4

Making of the video:
Going public presented the perfect opportunity to relive Truecaller’s journey. Its impact in so many different places of the world was an inspiration for the project, and filming was undertaken in four countries. We partnered with Parapix to interview people associated with the brand – from investors to employees and even listened to many stories from users. But the stars of the show are the co-founders. They took us on a personal journey, telling the film crew about growing up in Sweden, meeting in University and eventually, creating Truecaller from a small room to what it is today.

On this day of our IPO, we appreciate the confidence you have shown in our execution over the last few years and are looking forward to continuing working hard at building meaningful additions to the app in the years to come. Thank you to our employees, customers, partners, and investors for believing in this dream.

We aim to be one of the best guardians of your safety, today and always.


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