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The scientific magic of gratitude

by News Monks

Rhonda Byrne’s hugely popular world-famous book “The Secret Magic” highlights a small but important thing and that is the magic of gratitude. But to be honest, the root of the feeling of gratitude is actually the gift of Hindu culture. In Hindu culture, various elements of nature such as animal like cow, some tree like PIPAL or plant like basil are consider special and adorable. Devotion or service towards animals or tree is actually a system to express gratitude for the animal kingdom and the flora. By worshiping all the special elements of the universe like sun, moon, river, mountain, mother earth on which human life is based, Hindu culture teaches nothing but a lesson of gratitude which is very scientific but we are slave by mind of all foreign things even if it is any philosophy or book or author or any other thing means we always Influenced by foreigners or foreign things never value our own. It is difficult to find true happiness in life unless we appreciate indigenous things and learn to live a contented life. It is not that we should not accept even good things of foreign countries but it seems inevitable to understand that it has its roots in our own culture.

The popular world-famous book “The Secret Magic” by Rhonda Byrne states that the magic of gratitude is the feeling of gratitude that makes a person healthier and more positive, which completely changes lives. Rhonda Byrne writes that if you have a sense of gratitude when you wake up in the morning you will be thrilled that you are alive. This is shown by the practice of KARDARSHAN in Hinduism that to wake up and remember God, to see Him in the palm of one’s hand who gave us an extra day because at night we do not know whether the morning will come or not, the next day will rise or not and Whether we will be able to get up or not. If an astrologer has predicted that tonight is your death and how happy you would be if you got one more day? Thus, one more day we got by the grace of God is a system of remembering and thanking God by dedicating oneself to God. The palm is a symbol of energy so that one can dedicate one more day to the God and do good and benevolent deeds. In Hindu culture, there is advice and arrangement to show gratitude for everything even routine meal we dedicate to God. By doing this gratitude is expressed to God for giving us food. He has bestowed such noble grace on us that our existence is sustained. In the same way the worship of innumerable elements of nature such as sun, moon, river, mountain, animal, plant etc. is nothing but a system of expressing a feeling of gratitude towards every element of God which is very scientific. Which benefits the human the most.

A sense of gratitude radically changes the situation of human beings and has a magical effect on life which Rhonda Byrne writes in his book which is nothing new for Hindustan. Our sages have known this for ages, so they naturally incorporated many such things into the way of life through the scriptures so that the work would be possible uninterruptedly and no extra time would have to be spent behind it. But our misfortune is that we are not attracted to anything of our own. We always find the affairs of others more impressive. Our attraction towards foreign affairs is our misfortune. But there is nothing wrong even if we realizing good things through any foreign medium and improving life.

Even in the system of greeting everyone by calling “JAY SHREE Krishna”, there is an understanding of seeing God in everyone, which gives birth to reverence for everyone and removes the feeling of hatred, envy and disgust. The person becomes grateful to everyone. It is said that God takes back everything whatever we have in absence of real gratitude. People with non-gratitude doesn’t like by anyone not even by God. We all have a personal experience that if someone has done a favor to someone and he does not repays gratitude, we do not like and we cannot even tolerate it, it shows that the society hates this kind of people. Even in the court of God a person who lacks gratitude has no place.

Everything that we have today is subject to the grace of God more than our own deeds and therefore everyone should be grateful for what makes God happy. From a scientific point of view, God is supreme consciousness and eternal existence (God is nothing but energy and existence). It is natural that if a person becomes grateful to every element of existence, positive energy is transmitted to him. Moreover, out of a sense of gratitude, he cannot harm any element of nature so that the whole being (all the elements of the universe) remains healthy and happy. But we, being atheists, do not want to please God in the pride of education and knowledge that is why we cannot be happy ourselves. I sometimes think that an atheist is the biggest idiot, ignorant and arrogant man in the world who has ignorance of the height that he cannot see the divine power i.e. the supreme energy and that power is nothing but the physical, mental and spiritual energy that everyone needs. To stumble or reject God means to be personally weak and upset. A human being who is grateful to God naturally acquires a lot of power that makes him understand the whole existence. He can achieve every success in life. We actually run after success and happiness all our lives but the main condition of success is the energy that is generated out of gratitude, we do not know that is why the scriptures call it ignorance.

In short, the so-called educated and degree holders do not understand any good thing which has explained through scriptures or religion but if the same thing is explained in the context of science through foreign medium, we become blind devotees of it. We accept it and try to prove our own self intelligent by publisity of it. But even in that way, if there is a vision of reality, a desire to understand the kingdom of God, a sense of gratitude, there is nothing wrong.

Another thing to understand here is that gratitude should not be mechanical and gratitude should not be temporary. Gratefulness for once cannot change our current situation much. To experience the magic of gratitude, one has to constantly practice gratitude, because with a little practice of gratitude, life changes a little, but to change one’s life from the ground up, one has to be grateful for many things every day. Only then will life change dramatically and a new paradise will be created. Happiness beyond imagination is born. Such a deep understanding and knowledge is necessary to get the treasure of happiness, for which the key is constant practice of gratitude. So that in Hinduism, many of the activities performed from morning to night, such as KARDARSHAN, PRITHVIDARSHAN, SURYANAMASKAR, puja of basil and PIPAL, Ganga Puja, Himalayan puja, Dedication of food to God, etc., are nothing but continuous practice of gratitude. This system of Hinduism is incredibly scientific. So let’s understand it properly and experience the scientific magic of gratitude in life.

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