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Swiggy Faces Intense Customer Backlash Over Wrong Order, Delay, Cold Pizza, Overcharging, and Inadequate Post-Order Support

by NewsMonks

Ahmedabad, 19 Nov 2023Swiggy, a leading online food delivery platform, is grappling with a surge of discontent from customers in Ahmedabad who are expressing profound frustration over a cascade of delivery mishaps. These include the delivery of incorrect items, significant delays, cold pizza, overcharging, and a disturbing lack of post-order support. The company is alleged to be refusing refunds or acknowledgment of their mistakes.

Customers in Ahmedabad have taken to social media to voice their dismay, sharing screenshots of their orders that arrived with incorrect items and were delivered hours after the promised time. A glaring case involved a customer who placed an order at 3:00 PM for a Dominos pizza, expecting a timely delivery. To their astonishment, the order arrived at a staggering 1:00 AM the next day as per their system. The pizza was not only severely delayed and cold, but the toppings were also completely wrong, and, adding insult to injury, the base was incorrect. The customers report having paid a substantial total of 1200 INR for the order, including an additional 500 INR for a cheese base that was never delivered.

Following the botched delivery, customers sought resolution through email communication with Swiggy, only to receive an unhelpful response stating that the company does not assist in such matters. Attempts to contact Dominos directly using the phone number provided on the Swiggy platform proved futile, as the number was switched off—a fact confirmed by a Swiggy executive. Despite assurances of cancellation from both Swiggy and Dominos, the order remained uncancelled.

One irate customer, expressed, “Our experience with Swiggy has been nothing short of a nightmare. Not only did we receive a wrong, delayed, and cold delivery, but we were also charged 500 INR for a wheat thin crust base that was missing from the order. Swiggy’s response post-order has been deeply unsatisfactory, with no assistance offered. Attempts to contact Dominos were in vain, and despite assurances, the order was not cancelled. It’s a complete failure of service and accountability.”

The incident has triggered a groundswell of discontent among Swiggy users in Ahmedabad, with many questioning the reliability of the platform’s delivery services, the responsiveness of its customer support, and the overall integrity of their operations.

In response to these events, customers in Ahmedabad are demanding that Swiggy address these issues urgently, provide comprehensive compensation for the immense inconvenience caused, and implement robust measures to prevent such lapses in the future. The hashtag #SwiggyFail continues to gain traction on social media platforms as users in Ahmedabad share their negative experiences and demand accountability.

As Swiggy faces intensifying pressure from its disgruntled customer base in Ahmedabad, the company is urged to take immediate action to rectify these issues, restore confidence in its services, and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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