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Surat: The Indian Government Is Now Preparing To Build A Steel Road.!

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India’s first steel road has been constructed in the Hazira industrial area of Surat. Process Steel & Substitute Natural Aggregate are used 100% for construction of steel roads. The Government of India now uses this technique to build steel roads in the future to make roads stronger. This steel road has been constructed under Waste to Wealth and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ( Clean India campaign). These roads will be constructed from steel slag produced as a byproduct during steel construction.

In the Hazira industrial area of Surat, a 1.2 km long, six-lane divided carriageway road has been constructed by the Central Road Research Institute. This steel road has been prepared by CSRI using 100% process steel aggregate and substitutes natural aggregate. More than 1,200 heavy trucks are passing every day through this road. The thickness of the road has been reduced by 30 percent. Although heavy vehicles of 20 to 22 tons pass through it, the road is quite strong.


CSRI Principal Scientist Satish Pandey said, “This is a research project. As per the guideline of CSRI, a company of Hazira has manufactured processed electric arc furnace steel and used it in the construction of this road.” Mr Pandey said, “The project is part of the Government of India’s Waste to Wealth and Clean India Campaign. The country produces about 40 million tons of steel slag every year and has a steel industry for its safe disposal. Under the Government of India’s steel policy, India is expected to produce 300 tons of steel by the year 2030 and will produce 45 million tons of steel slag. Using such a large amount of slag is a huge challenge but if the slag is used in road construction, we can use it successfully inroads.”

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