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Sunday ka Vaar – Bigg Boss OTT: Two contestant evicted in second week!!

by News Monks

And while the audience was getting over the first Sunday ka Vaar, the second one already arrived and today, along with the star host Karan Johar, two beautiful, top-notch entertainers, Rakhi Sawant and Hina Khan set the stage on fire. When its Sunday ka Vaar, it’s obvious that it is not going to go down well for everyone!! While there was glamour, fun and masti, there was also sad faces, punishments, and revelation of many things that the housemates were unaware about!


Starting on a good note, Kjo was seen having a blast on stage with the Entertainment Divas, Rakhi Sawant and Hina Khan as they make a surprise guest appearance on the show, leaving the audience and their fans overwhelmed! Rakhi who has been excited to come on the show ever since its premiere, she not only compared the contestants with vegetables but was also seen playing a rapid-fire game with Karan on stage. Tables had turned and Karan had to answer a few Over the Top questions One of the questions that Rakhi asked was, ‘If given a chance who would you go on moon with along with me? Karan immediately said ‘I’ll go with my mom’ it was surely an Awww moment. Ohh, the next question was very interesting… Who would be the perfect Jodi with Rakhi… Karan says, “Aap bhi OTT and Ranveer bhi OTT .. aapki Jodi ekdum mast hogi but Deepika allow nahi karegi”. Hina Khan on the other hand made a scintillating entry – Desi Style and interacted with the host and contestants.


Rewinding into the gone week, the house witnessed some of the best aww moments like of Nishant and Moose talking about their relation and blushing over it, and on the other hand we also saw contestants getting punished, pushed and what not!! As soon as Karan got to talking to the contestants, it was all nice and gala, but later Kjo was seen in an argument with Divya. He was awfully upset with Zeeshan for the way he spoke to Akshara the other day when the two fought over a box of cloths. Kjo, being the amazing host, asked Zeeshan to get up from where all contestants were seated and asked him to sit away from the housemates as a punishment and think over what he has said.


While the topic of how to converse with a women floated in the air, Kjo pointed out to Neha Bhasin and said why is it that she keeps saying ‘ki tum women card use karte ho’ and Neha accepted that it is a wrong thing to say and that she wouldn’t do it again. Amidst all the women focused topics, Raqesh also mentioned that Akshara plays the victim card the maximum. Well, it doesn’t matter who says what, as the audience is the one who knows the true picture.


Moving on with second Sunday Ka Vaar, all contestants and the audience were eager to know which contestant will be eliminated. Well, Kjo shocked everyone when he announced that today it’s not going to be a contestant but a connection (2 contestants) that will be eliminated. And the connection that was evicted by the audience was Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath. On knowing the results, the housemates got emotional and got teary eyed.


Let us not forget that it is a show, each one is here to win!! From the very next day, the contestants will get busy planning their way forward and safeguard their image.


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