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Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar’s Second Writer’s Meet – 2023

Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar’s Second Writer’s Meet - 2023

by NewsMonks

A writer’s deepest satisfaction is when he or she can successfully complete his piece of imagination. However, that feeling gets accelerated when his dream project culminates into a book. Furthermore, if some generous wellwishers come forward to support your work and help you with a book launch, then for sure the writer is in seven heaven!


Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar is a whatsapp group where weekly writing competitions are held. Writers participate in them by sending their brand new, unpublished poems or stories. Our esteemed panel of judges pinpoint our errors, give us marks and rank our work, thereby bestowing everyone with beautiful colourful certificates.


The founder of this group is Sri Pinakin Parekh. The other members of the admin panel are: Kiran Sharma, Jivati Pipaliya, Shobha Mistry, Tarlika Prajapati, Nisha Nayak, Harish Thanki and Dr. Pushpak Goswami. Hats off to these literary scholars who work relentlessly for the betterment of each writer and the growth of the entire group.


Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar group was launched in the year 2019, on the 20th of February with merely 33 members. Today four years down the line, we are a humongous family of 500 members on WhatsApp, 1545 on Kutumb app and 4750 on Facebook, coming up to a total of an impressive count of almost 7000 members overall! “मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर, लोग साथ आते गए और कारवाँ बनता गया।”


I’m proud to inform all of you that Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar is not just a WhatsApp group. It has surpassed all expectations with their other altruistic activities. This December they conducted their second Writer’s Meet at Umiyadham, Unja, Mehsana, in Gujarat, where more than 125 writers from various parts of India participated.


This two day Snehamilan was a well planned and orchestrated event, comprising many wonderful heartwarming activities. First and foremost, all were given a warm welcome with Mehandi. The logo of the group was drawn on each one’s palm. Later lunch coupons were distributed and rooms were allocated for our stay. After an hour, everyone assembled in the assigned hall. The stage was decorated with flowers and a large banner displayed the name of our group with its new logo. It looked magnificent! Flex posters of all those writers were put up who were going to launch their books.


The program began by welcoming the chief guest; Sir Maneklal Patel, an eminent columnist and editor. Lighting of the lamp was succeeded with an inspirational speech by our chief guest. Every invitee was given a memento of a diary and a pen.


The Kavi Sammelan that followed was to foster an appreciation for Gujarati Poetry, to promote linguistic skills and provide a platform for budding poets. Writers got an opportunity to express their emotions, ideas and perspectives through poetry. Each one was felicitated with an elegant trophy and certificate.


At night we all had a gala time in the big hall in our lodging building. The ladies helped with the chopping and Pinakin Bhai Parekh, made bhel for everyone. The ambience was engulfed with chatting, laughing, and antakshari. As part of the celebration, many people brought traditional sweets to distribute among all.


The next day we had three new chief guests: Mr. Niranjan Shah, Shri Trilok Kandoliya and Mr. Kishore Jikadara. It was quite an emotional day, filled with an immense amount of joy as 23 writers had a golden opportunity to launch their books at the hands of veterans in literature. Each writer was also given a chance to talk about his or her book.


My story collections that were launched in Unja are as follows:

Story Spell Volume 2


બહુરંગી ભાવનાઓ વોલ્યુમ ૨



As members of Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar group, many of us were part of the six anthologies launched by the admin panel. Writers had contributed with articles, stories, poems and ghazals. All our books are published by Shopizen. Their work is extremely organised and has a lot of finesse in it.


It goes without saying, that in the 48 hours that we spent together, loads and loads of pictures were clicked, video recordings were done and amassed innumerable memories. Many of us met one another for the very first time. Till then everybody knew the other only through their writing. Nevertheless, in those two days we made new friends and became better acquainted with all. I actually felt sad when the event came to an end and we had to return home. Surely all of us are eagerly waiting for the next Snehamilan.


I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of Shabd Vavetar Ek Parivar!



Shamim Merchant, Mumbai.







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