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Second Chance

by News Monks

Radha’s luggage was ready near the door and she was also ready to go. She was only waiting for Mukesh to come home. She didn’t want to leave without telling him. It had been five years since they were married and for the last two years Mukesh was not loyal to her. But in spite of his infidelity, Radha felt he had the right to know that she was not only leaving the house but going away from his life as well.

Metaphorically, the rain was accompanying her as she cried and reflected back on their relationship.

Where had she gone wrong? Why wasn’t she the queen of his heart anymore? Why was he now attracted to Mansi? What was lacking in Radha that he found in Mansi?

Radha was well aware that Mukesh was cheating on her. Nevertheless, she feigned ignorance. Keeping patience, she continued to live with him. Giving him all her love and affection, in the hope that one day Mukesh will realise his mistake and turn towards her. The result being that now she was carrying his offspring in her womb. Before leaving, should she inform Mukesh about it?

As soon as he entered the house, Mukesh was stunned to see the luggage at the door. Radha wiped her tears and picked her purse as she stood up to greet her husband.

“I was only waiting for you to come. I’m leaving you and this house. Reasons you are well aware of.”

Mukesh held her hand and pleaded,

“Radha please! Don’t punish me so severally. I have realized my mistake. No, it was a sin. I agree it took me a lot of time to appreciate you and our relationship. But now, I have broken all ties with Mansi.”

Stuffing his hand in his pocket, he fished out the doctor’s report and showed it to Radha.

“I possibly can’t let us and our child go through this unbearable suffering. In this day and age, my only objective is to give you the world’s happiness.”

Radha’s purse slipped and fell off her shoulder. Her tears now had all new and different reasons to stream down her face. Mukesh blanketed her in his arms even before a smile settled on her lips. 

In life, we all need a second chance. Don’t we?
Shamim Merchant (Shama)

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