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Samsung Launches 2023 Side-by-Side Refrigerator Range That Will be 100% Made in India, with Features Made for India

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Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, today announced the launch of its top-of-the-line, premium Side-by-Side Refrigerator range for 2023. This new range is 100% manufactured in India and comes with several India-specific features based on consumer insights that will make the lives of consumers convenient and better.


This all-new IoT-enabled line-up has been thoughtfully designed to cater to specific refrigeration needs of new-age Indian consumers such as customizable storage, glamorous exteriors, convenience through Connected Living, never ending entertainment, energy efficiency and more.


As a first, all models of the new range will be Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with Smart Things app functionality to strengthen Samsung’s ‘Powering Digital India’ vision.


It comes equipped with Convertible 5-in-1 mode for customizable storage space, Samsung’s Twin Cooling PlusTM technology for precise cooling and Curd MaestroTM that allows users to make curd at home in a healthy and hygienic way. To allow better space utilization, consumers can now detach the curd making compartment, when it is not in use.


In this new range, Samsung, for the first time, has brought together its cutting-edge proprietary technologies to create a new benchmark in refrigeration, BESPOKE Glass Finish to up the glam quotient and IoT-enbled FamilyHub 7.0 to offer unlimited entertainment and a connected living experience.


To cater to the design taste of the modern consumers who want their style to reflect in everything they do, the 2023 Side-by-Side refrigerators come with four BESPOKE Glass Finish color options – – Glam Deep Charcoal, Clean White, Clean Navy and Clean Pink.


To offer a connected living experience, these refrigerators come with Family Hub 7.0 that lets them control their smart devices via SmartThings app. It also offers unlimited entertainment, recipes suggestion basis what’s stored in the fridge, reminders for food expiry, and so on.


The new line-up’s AI Energy Saving Mode works on Wi-Fi based machine learning that optimizes the fridge and freezer temperatures to enable up to 10% energy savings.


As an industry first, Auto Open Door with its ‘touch sensor’ opens the door with a gentle touch. Thus, in case of dirty hands, one can simply keep their hand on the door sensor and the door will open.


The new range also has the recently announced industry-first 20-year warranty on Digital Inverter Motor compressor, thus ensuring durability of the product and offering consumers peace of mind.

“Our new 2023 Side-by-Side refrigerator line-up has been designed to address three key Indian consumer needs – customizable storage for different refrigeration requirements as per the season or occasion, beautiful aesthetics that add to the kitchen décor and convenience through connected living. Coupled with energy efficiency and a 20-year warranty, these refrigerators are the perfect choice for modern Indian consumers. We are anticipating a huge demand and expect this segment to grow by 100% for the industry, led by our new Side-by-Side refrigerator line-up,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

Price & Availability


Priced at INR 113,000 onwards, the new line-up will be available starting today across offline and online retailers, in 653L net capacity in four BESPOKE Glass Finish color options – Glam Deep Charcoal, Clean White, Clean Navy and Clean Pink.




The new line-up is India’s energy efficient and to be among the first star rated Side-by-Side refrigerator that comes with 20- year compressor warranty on its compressor thus offering promising durability of the product and in turn, offering peace of mind to the consumers.


Key Features of Side-by-Side refrigerators


Convertible 5-in-1 mode

The feature offers consumers more storage space and convenience by enabling them to choose from the five modes— Normal, Seasonal, Extra Fridge, Vacation and Home Alone. In the normal mode, the refrigerator will have both fridge and freezer mode, in both Home Alone and Vacation modes, the refrigerator will only have the freezer running while the fridge will be turned off. On days, when one wants more storage space, the feature allows consumers to convert their freezer into fridge, thus giving more storage space.


The Twin Cooling PlusTM technology in this feature works with two separate evaporators for fridge and freezer to minimize temperature fluctuation. This innovation adds a new level of convenience which makes it possible to control optimal humidity and temperature that prevents odour mixing and ensures food is fresh for longer duration.


Family Hub 7.0

The Family Hub 7.0 feature provides efficient food management by suggesting meal ideas to its users, giving a view inside on what’s stored inside the refrigerator among others. Consumers can also play their favorite music using Spotify, TuneIn and can simply enjoy their favorite web services without other devices. To ensure family fun never ends, the feature also offers an analogue bulletin-board that curates precious family moments by video, photos, and memos. For users to enjoy seamless connected living and turn their home smarter, this feature lets them control their smart appliances and IoT enabled devices via SmartThings App.


AI Energy Savings mode

With this mode turned on, consumers can easily meet their monthly cost target by optimizing fridge and freezer temperatures. The feature uses artificial intelligence to understand the usage pattern and set the temperature accordingly, thus ensuring energy efficiency in the process.


Curd Maestro+

The new line-up comes with Samsung’s patented Curd MaestroTM technology that allows users to make curd at home in a healthy and hygienic way. However, taking the experience the 2023 range comes with a detachable Curd Maestro+ that users can remove according to their convenience. Simply follow a few steps and consumers can easily detach the tray and enjoy more space. Steps to follow:

Change to Curd Off mode through the inner LED display

Loosen the screw on the backside of Curd Maestro Plus.

Pull it out from the fridge and disconnect the power wire on the backside.

Now enjoy more fridge space to store your favorite veggies and other perishable items.


BESPOKE & Auto Open Door

From a design perspective, the new line-up comes with BESPOKE’s Glass Finish panels, thus making the range of products glamorous. Keeping in mind the challenges in Indian cooking, the 2023 range comes with another interesting feature — Auto Open Door that uses ‘touch sensor’ and opens the door without any physical touch. Thus, in case of dirty hands, one can simply keep their hand on the door sensor and the door will open.


Non-plumbing Dispenser

The refrigerator comes with a 4.5L water tank for its non-plumbing ice and water dispenser. This feature makes the refrigerator easy to install at any location without being connected to a water supply. The consumer just has to add mineral or fresh water and can enjoy chilled drinks or ice or crushed ice without installing a separate water filter.

Wi-fi Enabled

Users can control their refrigerator using SmartThings app as the refrigerator is Wi-fi enabled.




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