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SAI International School Welcomes Asian Games Spear Master

SAI International School Welcomes Asian Games Spear Master

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SAI International School was honoured to host the distinguished Asian Games Silver Medallist, Shri Kishore Kumar Jena, who clinched glory in the javelin throw event at the recent Asian Games held in Hangzhou, Republic of China. The school campus buzzed with excitement as the celebrated athlete visited on October 17, 2023, to inspire the SAIoneers. His presence at the school was marked by a sense of camaraderie, a shared love for sports, and the belief that dedication and hard work lead to success. The SAIoneers were ecstatic to meet him and were eager to hear about his experiences at the Asian Games.


Shri Kishore Jena, a staunch believer of discipline, saying, “It’s an absolute pleasure to visit SAI International School. The sports infrastructure here is world-class, and I am immensely impressed by the school’s commitment to nurturing sporting talent.” On being asked about his experience with Asian Games, he expressed, “My win at the Asian Games Forum is like a stepping stone towards achieving perfection in the upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Odisha Govt. and the state’s sports authorities for encouraging sports and progressively transforming Odisha into a national and international sports hub in the near future.”


Chairperson, SAI International, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, humbly expressed, “Shri Kishore Jena’s silver medal at the Asian Games is not just a victory for him but for the entire nation. At SAI International School, we believe in creating an environment where our students can thrive in both academics and sports. His visit to school is pivotal to our commitment to nurturing sporting talent and instilling the values of resilience and perseverance in our SAIoneers.”


SAIoneer, Ankita Mishra from Class XI, shared her experience of meeting Kishore Jena, saying, “Meeting Kishore Sir was a life-changing experience. His journey from a determined athlete to an Asian Games Silver Medallist has shown me the true meaning of perseverance. His words have ignited a fire within me, and his visit has been a turning point in my life.”

Shri Kishore Kumar Jena’s visit to SAI International School served as a reminder that sports and games are as an integral part of the student’s life as is academics. Focusing on developing & nurturing the budding athletes of today in a wide variety of sports will enrich India in its global footing of the athletic diaspora.



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