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Renunciation and donation : are they same?

by News Monks

Both of these are essential for the release of sin. Both of them are like brothers as in both there is matter of leaving or sacrifice. But nevertheless there is a difference between the two. To give up our thing, to give something of ourselves to others, is called charity or donation while to give up the things which is not of yours is renunciation. We believe that this body, relationships, wealth, power, position, prestige, etc., are our own which is actually our illusion, because everything you have today is what someone else had yesterday and tomorrow someone else will have. Also, we have to leave all these before death or after death, which means that we do not own this all or we are not the owner of such things so giving up all such things means renunciation.

Besides, the only true renunciation is self realization through self-cleansing disorders such as lust, anger, greed, temptation, ego and jealousy. Thus, the true donation is to relieve all these disorders or evils, as it is our own that we have raised it. Yes it is certain that it is not actually the nature of our souls, but it has arisen from the illusion of ignorance. In short, giving up your own or not of your own is good in terms of gratification on the “self”. Donations increase the ego while renunciation releases the ego. Renunciation ends the original treasure of sin, while charity ends the interest of sin. Donations should be of favourite things while renunciation should be of unpleasant things. Things like lust, anger, greed, selfishness are unpleasant things, while wealth, money, positions, powers, relationships etc. are the favorite things of the person. All who ask for or get it are beggars while the givers are the real rich. The law of the whole of nature is the renunciation only. The whole world runs from renunciation, such as the tree sacrifices fruit, the river sacrifices the water, the fire sacrifices the heat, the sun shines away. Imagine what would happen to the universe if no-one sacrifices anything?

Renunciation or abandonment is the eternal law of nature. If the ocean does not give water to the cloud and the cloud retains water and does not give up then think what happens? In fact, to get as well as to leave is extremely important. If you are getting, then you have to give up. SHRIMAD BHAGAVADGITA is the one who advises to renounce after getting (enjoying) or enjoy after renounce. The entire universe is renounce after absorbed and the abandonment of today are coming back thousand times more in future. As the ocean gives little water to the clouds through the act of renunciation, it retrieves the sea through rainy streams in the form of heavy rainfall. In the same way, some of the seeds that are planted in the ground are returned thousands of times. The tree absorbs the earth’s juice and gives it back its fruitage. The cow eats grass and pays the debt in the form of milk. The whole nature is constantly giving the same message that if you have got it then also abandoned it. We all know how important it is to release breath after inhale a breath. There are many benefits of renunciation such as
1) Self-purification takes place
2) Disorder or evils reduces.
3) The cycle of creation runs without any disturbance or disruption.
4) Self-satisfaction is achieved.
5) Abstinence makes a person truly great.
6) All happiness and peace in life is only because of renunciation.
In short to sacrifice the feeling of me, my and ours is the real renunciation. Stop being me and stop extending the area of mine means renunciation. That is the cause of liberation and the path of supreme peace. The feeling of giving up your own means donation and giving up knowing that it is not your own is renunciation. It is important to sacrifice in both, but only the thought behind the act is different. One is released despite being our own while the other is not our own so is sacrificing. In short, donation and renunciation is the way of salvation and the home of peace.

Shilpa shah, director in-charge, HKBBA College

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