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Rakshabandhan COLORS’ actors share their thoughts about the unbreakable bond

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Shiv Thakare contestant of COLORS’ ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’ says, “My sister has always been my rock and partner-in-crime. I take nothing else more seriously than my role as a brother. This relationship taught me that sisters are way ahead of brothers in terms of emotional maturity. I can talk to my sister about anything under the sun and her insight as a perceptive person has helped me navigate many situations in life. I’m very blessed to have her in my life. Rakshabandhan makes me nostalgic, and I think about all the fun times we’ve spent together. The fights we had and the love we share will always be a big part of who I am.”

Samridhii Shukla essaying the role of Saavi in COLORS’ ‘Saavi Ki Savaari’ says, “I remember how I used to eagerly wait for Rakshabandhan every year because of the gifts and sweets my brothers would give me. Even though we’ve all grown up and lead busy lives now, festivals like these bring us back together. It fills me with pride to watch my brothers do exceptionally well in their careers. I can’t believe that they’re the ones who used to pull my pigtail when we were kids. This Rakshabandhan, let us treasure our siblings for always being there for us.”

Archana Gautam contestant of COLORS’ ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’ says, “My brother is my biggest cheerleader. When he and I team up, the family doesn’t need any other kind of entertainment. Our upbringing has been quite similar, and I think that’s why my brother is the one who truly understands how I feel. We’ve faced many hardships together and that has strengthened our bond. He just knows how to lift my spirits. On Rakshabandhan, I pray for his good health and success.”

Aditi Bhagat essaying the role of Aasmaa in COLORS’ ‘Udaariyaan’ says, “Rakshabandhan, for me, is more than just a festival. Our entire family gets together on this special day, every year. We catch up with each other and it’s the most inspiring conversation for me. I’m always proud of the strides that my brothers are making in their lives and contributing to making the world a better place. I will be away from family as I’m shooting for Udaariyaan in Chandigarh, but I will ensure my brother Ayush gets his rakhi. Happy Rakshabandhan to all!”

Tanvi Dogra essaying the role of Neetii in COLORS’ ‘Parineetii’ says, “Rohan, my baby brother has been my confidant and pillar of strength. I learn so many cool things when I spend time with him. Travelling with him is like being on a reality show because he’s constantly entertaining everybody. Earlier, I used to be the one guiding him through life’s twists and turns. But now, he’s all grown up, and guess what? He’s the wise one giving me advice, and it’s always spot on! Here’s to celebrating not just a festival, but a beautiful chapter of our lives. Happy Rakshabandhan!”


Aastha Sharma essaying the role of Neerja in COLORS’ ‘Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan’ says, “A wave of nostalgia hits with Rakshabandhan because my family celebrates this festival with fanfare. Our family members gather, and we begin recounting the tales of our childhood. My brother and I never express our love for each other, but we have each other’s backs. This kind of love is the most solid and real. I can’t wait to celebrate the festival. My brother gives the most creative gifts and I’m excited to know what I’m going to get this year.”

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