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Quantiphi reshapes the campus recruitment process amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

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COVID-19 continues to affect lives and businesses across the nation and the world. In the uncertain economic climate, organizations have been looking for ways to stay productive in the face of unprecedented challenges. In such a scenario, managing recruitment processes virtually, handling staff remotely, and maintaining workloads poses new challenges as organizations protect their employees, customers and the local communities.

Dr. Shital Kumar, President, Maharashtra Association of TPOs (MaTPO), said that “Quantiphi is a dream company for most of our students because they provide excellent technology exposure, culture and early joining. Their HR team is cooperative. This year around twenty students got placed. Due to the digital module, the updates are immediately informed and the entire communication is held according to the convenience. Congratulations to the entire Quantiphi team for winning the award!”

Quantiphi, being a pioneer in innovative AI and ML solutions, leverages AI to automate the recruitment process by attracting talent from different sources and identifying the right fit with appropriate screening, thus saving time and effort. With AI, interview scheduling and sending reminders have become automated, freeing up the HR team members for other important tasks.

Quantiphi has changed the traditional recruitment and campus hiring processes by using technology for three-fold benefits – saving time, cost and effort, increasing accuracy, and reducing human error and bias in the hiring process. Dr. Debashish Jena, Registrar and Dean (Corporate Relations) of IIIT Bhubaneswar said that, “During Covid-19, a lot of companies were facing business uncertainties but Quantiphi gave opportunities to our students. Quantiphi has taken more than fifteen students through digital mode. Quantiphi’s module helped our college to a great extent.”

Dr. Govind Maheshwari, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and overall Placement coordinator of Devi Ahilya University, Indore said that, “Quantiphi is one of the top-most companies in our college for placements. Quantiphi made our students’ first experience of virtual hiring seamless.”

The changes caused to the workforce by the pandemic were unanticipated. However, Quantiphi has adapted successfully to this seismic shift and revolutionized the hiring practices by leveraging technology.

At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the job market plunged and campus recruitment was vastly affected. The offers rolled out by companies were withdrawn and many organizations slashed headcounts. However, during this phase, Quantiphi was among the few companies who continued with their hiring plans and onboarded people as early as July 2020, honouring all the extended offers.

A survey by Firstnaukri says that the Covid-19 pandemic hit campus hiring across 82% colleges in India in 2020. Quantiphi continued to expand its workforce throughout the pandemic while ensuring people’s safety. Quantiphi achieved this with the help of technology. From initial screening and interviews to onboarding, Quantiphi has taken all the processes virtual and ensured smooth communication throughout the process, thereby redefining campus hiring. This reduced the cost of recruitment processes by 80% and man-hours by 65%.

Quantiphi has been recognized by the HRD Congress for its campus hiring practices and honoured the company with the ‘Best Employment Engagement Practice Award’. The congress cited that Quantiphi offers 3-year transparent compensation to students, eliminating the tier bias and giving a fair chance to all students. Quantiphi focuses on a curriculum that is based on industry needs, and conducts training sessions on cloud, AI and ML technologies for the students. The award also recognizes Quantiphi’s endeavours to initiate other organizations to offer students four months internships with appropriate stipend.

“The only way to stand strong during the pandemic and come out stronger in a post-Covid-19 world is to focus on building a capable team. Our Quantiphi team members are our greatest asset during such uncertain times. Hence, we attract good talent and better engage them with technology training sessions by our employees, timely communication on updates, and giving them appropriate technology exposure to help them join the workforce”, said Ritesh Patel, Co-founder, Quantiphi. “Adding new talent to our teams is essentially a way to build new capabilities and we provide the best support to students to shape their talents in the longer term.”

Mohini Palchowdhury, Head, Culture and People Success India, Quantiphi added, “HR leaders need to ensure that the changes in their approaches should facilitate their organizations’ growth. As a company, Quantiphi works towards creating an authentic, symbiotic, and transparent culture that attracts and nurtures talent. We have augmented our recruitment processes and built an on-campus presence with technologies such as video conferencing, virtual onboarding, and digital training programs. Our digital campus hiring strategy engages candidates throughout the hiring – from initial interaction to interview and assessment.”

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