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QHT Regrow Clinic’s Dr G K Sharma on How Successful is PRP hair treatment in India

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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment has emerged as another reliable treatment option for hair loss. Moreover, it is a non-invasive procedure used to recover from hair loss, trauma and joint injury with good results. However, the success of PRP hair treatment in India depends on the specific cause of the hair loss, the patient’s overall health, and the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon administering the treatment.

Dr G K Sharma of QHT Regrow Clinic in Haridwar states, ‘PRP hair treatment has emerged as a preferred hair treatment option in India. The PRP treatment is safe, reliable and affordable too. I have successfully treated many hair loss patients with PRP. Also, the combination of PRP treatment and hair transplant procedures have shown much better and denser hair growth and results.

PRP treatment is a non-surgical procedure involving injecting a concentrated solution of the patient’s platelets into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The procedure is effective for some people with certain types of hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness) and alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss). People may see significant improvements in their hair growth after undergoing PRP treatment.

PRP therapy is beneficial for those in the beginning stages of hair loss and thinning by potentially reducing the amount of hair loss. In addition, individuals who have had a hair transplant may benefit from PRP as it can help with tissue regeneration, improved hair growth, and a stronger hair follicle.

PRP is a safe, non-surgical option for those struggling with hair thinning or loss and if you are having issues with a receding hairline or progressive hair loss. But before going ahead, it is advisable to consult hair transplant surgeon Dr G.K Sharma, QHT Regrow Hair Clinic, who has years of experience and expertise in such cases.

Before proceeding with a PRP-based hair transplant, the doctor will extensively evaluate the patient’s health, including the hair and scalp condition. Also, the patient should discuss each procedure’s pros and cons and possible outcomes in depth with the doctor.

PRP therapy is one of the most successful non-surgical treatments for hair loss, thinning, and pattern hair loss. It boosts scalp coverage by encouraging natural hair regeneration, lengthening the hair growth phase, minimizing hair loss, and reversing thinning to the point where it can help extend the hair development phase, and limit hair loss, and reverse thinning. After the first few sessions, the patient will experience reduced hair fall. Also, hair regrowth is visible after a couple of PRP sessions.

About QHT Regrow Hair Clinic

QHT Regrow Clinic in Haridwar is renowned for its remarkable natural hairline creation in hair transplanting. A team of medically and suitably trained professionals perform hair transplants and other procedures. They are pioneers in this field as they have already transplanted more than 6 million hair grafts from different parts of the body, such as scalp to scalp, beard to beard, and scalp to beard.

Dr G K Sharma, a Consultant Hair Transplant Surgeon and a senior dermatologist, has established the QHT Regrow Hair Clinic in Haridwar to cater to the growing demand for hair transplant procedures in north India and also cater to medical tourists seeking hair transplants.

Patients can reach Dr G K Sharma at; 520-521, Ground Floor, Model Colony, Near Mahakali mobile & T9 Tower, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249407 | Phone numbers: +91-9528168089, +91-7417913933, +91-8439500688

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