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Interview transcript of Fahmaan Khan playing Ravi Randhawa


Question- Throw light on your character in the show

Answer- Well, it’s a fresh start to a character. This character has a lot of life, he is a business tycoon based out of Chandigarh and getting married to his high school sweetheart. Everything is beautiful and there are butterflies in his life. He is very confident in terms of his work, and business. He also co-owns a lot of businesses. He has a sister, so he is also a very female-oriented person and believes in female equality. The main and most important thing about him is when it comes to his fiancé and childhood sweetheart Kirti Sachdeva. He is often nervous in front of her. He either speaks a lot or doesn’t speak at all which he also enjoys. I think he has seen his parents go through a beautiful relationship and a marriage. Based on that he has seen that his father is also a very confident man in terms of this work and in his overall life except when it comes to his mom. Ravi may come as very common person. You might think you have understood him immediately but there is a lot more to his character than meets the eye and that you will eventually see in the show.

Question- What do you like most about the script and your role that you said yes to the show?

Answer- I have been lucky enough to have played different characters in my career in television. I’ve also done web series. But playing Ravi is going to be a fresh start for me since my previous characters were very serious, stiffer, and to-the-point ones. Playing Ravi will be interesting and fun for me as I always wanted to play different characters in my career. This portrayal is fresh as Ravi is a confident man and has a lot of fun elements to his character. I think that’s what interested me to take up this role and show to be very honest.

Question- Talk about your chemistry with your co-actors on the show.

Answer- The chemistry will be excellent. Me and Gurpreet (who is playing Kirti) have already hit off on a very cool front. We feel like we know each other for a long time, and we have a lot of fun while we work together. I am a person who gets accustomed to people easily. I never face any hiccups or complications while mingling with co-actors nor do I create problems for anyone. I mix with people just like water. Keeping an honest comradeship and understanding is important with your co-actors otherwise your work can go for a toss, and I think we’ve already built that. We all are youngsters and it’s a lot of fun to work with them.

And Kritika who is playing Pratiksha is also a very sweet and simple girl. I sometimes joke a bit with her and have a lot of fun. Talking about Akash, he is a tall giant sweetheart and a nice guy. We crack jokes and share laughs together.

Question- Do you relate to your onscreen character?

Answer- I do in a lot of ways. I am a person who always keeps a smile on my face. I like to laugh as well as I feel laughter is the best medicine. I think Ravi is also like that, a person who is happy-go-lucky. I think he is a little more charming than I am. I sometimes speak too much and sometimes I can’t say anything. I think it’s very human nature and that’s what Ravi is, he is very human.

Question- What do you think is the USP of the show?

Answer- The fact that you are playing on emotions that are very real in today’s life. Nowadays we don’t get into deep emotions. We hold back a lot. We all are optimistic in life, and I think that’s what you will see in the show as an audience. You will witness optimism play a pivotal role in the lives of two different couples. How they are hopeful for something to work out in their lives and how they are hopeful about something to happen organically in their lives, especially Pratiksha and Malhar. Pratiksha is very hopeful for her marriage to work out so that she can have the decent life that she really wants. Her parents, her uncle, and aunt everyone wants her to be happy. Whereas on the other hand, Ravi has a hope that the girl he loves will be as caring, loving, and giving as his mother. You’ll see very real emotions on the show and that is the USP of it.

Question- How do you look at your journey in the TV industry?

Answer- It’s been beautiful. I’ve started from nowhere. I have also done single-episode shows. I have then played characters. I have slowly and steadily climbed up the ladder and I am glad I did that because I feel if you are put into a pressurised situation, you won’t really be able to perform. I have grown up learning. I started off as an AD on TV. I was on a show for 6-10 months as a costume AD then I got another show. I slowly bagged roles in the shows. Then I did a couple of web series in between and to be honest by the time I got my first lead in one TV show I was already prepared to work. I knew the basics and the technicalities of working on a television show. I think it’s been a beautiful journey and I am looking forward to a lot of things in life and hopefully, I can manifest them in my life.

Question- Are you looking forward to some good projects in Bollywood?


Answer- Yeah, why not. I mean whatever comes my way, to be very honest. I am not restricted to anything. If I am offered a show tomorrow where I am not the lead, but the character is very prominent that only I can play, I will not have any problem doing it. I think I am open to any form of performing arts, be it OTT platforms, advertisements, regional shows, or Bollywood.


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