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Home Entertainment Playing Tarkasur is an honour for me,” says Siddhant Issar from COLORS’ ‘Shiv Shakti- Tap Tyag Tandav’

Playing Tarkasur is an honour for me,” says Siddhant Issar from COLORS’ ‘Shiv Shakti- Tap Tyag Tandav’

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COLORS’ magnum opus ‘Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav’ revolves around two of the revered deities –Shiv and Shakti. It traces their journey of duty, sacrifice, and separation that leads to tap, tyag, and tandav. Having curated a show in the mythological genre on an extravagant canvas earlier, COLORS and King of Mythology Siddharth Kumar Tewary have brought a visually stunning saga that is enthralling the audiences.



Excerpts below:


1. Tell us something about the show Shiv Shakti- Tap Tyag Tandav.

A. Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav is a mythological show which depicts the first love story of the universe between Shiv and Shakti. In the current narrative, Daksh insults Lord Shiv during the Mahayagya. It eventually results in Sati Dahan, which plays a catalyst for events that change the world as we know it. At this point, Tarkasur is meditating for a long time to wield the power to defeat Indra and the Devas and conquer Swarg Lok. A legendary chapter will unfold in the saga as Tarkasur is determined to claim everything that belongs to the Asurs.


2. Tell us about your character in the show.

A. I’m essaying the role of Tarkasur in portraying the mighty demon king in Shiv

Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav. He is not a one-dimensional antagonist. He has a formidable presence, and his pain fuels his thirst for power. He will stop at nothing to reinstate Asurs to their former glory.


3. You are playing a negative character in the show. How did you prepare for it?

A. I think while preparing one’s character, it’s important to not judge the character based on morals. Playing Tarkasur is an honour and responsibility for me as the show is premised on deities, we all revere. To bring the demon king alive on screen with the utmost authenticity, I underwent rigorous physical training and read about him extensively. To embody the character that harbours such darkness and complexity, it was necessary to understand Tarkasur’s psyche and what makes him the powerful adversary of the Gods. I read about him extensively and powered up my workout routine to slip into the skin of the character. I’m focusing on depicting his motivations, fears, and desires and humanising the demon behind the menacing exterior.


4. What were your father Puneet Issar’s views on you playing this character in the show? Did you get any tips?

A. My father is my biggest inspiration. I’m proud of taking his legacy in the mythological genre ahead. He was overjoyed when he learned that I will be portraying the character of Tarkasur in Shiv Shakti – Tap Tyag Tandav. Before sharing his insights with me, he asked for my interpretation of Tarkasur. I really appreciate that about him. Regardless of his experience, he is always excited to know my point of view.

5. What are your thoughts about debuting with COLORS in the mythological genre?

A. I think that the mythological genre is in my blood. I have essayed mythological characters in various plays and I’m sure that experience in theatre will come in handy now. I’m thrilled about debuting with COLORS, a channel that has become synonymous with entertainment. This is a huge opportunity to connect with the viewers and I’m looking forward to knowing their response to my portrayal of Tarkasur.




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