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Physiotherapy- A precious key to stay fit

by News Monks

Today,on 8th september,the globe is celebrating it as “World Physiotheraoy Day”.The whole and sole purpose of the celebration is to make people aware about physiotherapy and help people to be mobile and independent.This year the theme is to rehabilitate people in covid-19 and make them active.Therefore,Let’s understand the importance kf physiotherapy and make it as our regime to be healthy in our life.

Physiotherapy plays a crucial role to make patients independent and fit.Hence,it has not been recognized in many regions.World Physiotherapy Day was first celebrated in 1996.This is an opportunity to recognise the profession and the work in the field of physiotherapy. 
Physiotherapy is a brach of medical science which provides drugless treatment.It includes exercises and therapeutic currents.Physiotherapy does not treat only orthopaedic conditions but also treat other conditions like paralysis,geriatric treatment,Diabetes,blood pressure, conditions related to heart and lungs.Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in every age group like toddlers,adolescents,adults and geriatric population.

Physiotherapy has its own role even in this covid situation.Breathing exercises also help to treat breathing problems.Exercise is the crucial part to rehabilitate patients recovered from Covid-19.
Physiotherapist helps people to regain physical capacity,easy exercises to return to daily life after recovery,to stay active and to balance between tireness and rest. There are several misconceptions and facts about physiotherapy.
• Some people believe that it is mandatory to have referrel from doctor to have Physiotherapy,but the fact is one can go directly to physiotherapist.
• Some people has fear that physiotherapy is painful,but the fact is physiotherapy treats the pain and discomfort.
• Some individuals have misconceptions that physiotherapy is a modern term of massage.but physiotherapy and massage are two separate fields in reality.
• There is a myth that physiotherapy is an art.but it is proven that physiotherapist are qualified to diagnosis and treat the patients.
• Physiotherapy has its importance in fitness field as well.Physiotherapist guides about exercises and its way to perform to patients.
Thus, I request all the readers to take a pledge to be fit and to keep our family members healthy.

– Dr.Pooja Patel

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