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Paradise’s ‘Jashn-e-Haleem’ is being launched 3 weeks early bringing more Joy and Togetherness

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World’s favorite and Hyderabad’s signature biryani house Paradise is bringing Haleem much sooner this year – which also means giving more days of the Haleem indulgence. The uniqueness of Paradise Haleem follows the authentic Hyderabadi Haleem recipe that has also received its Geographical Indication like Kolkata has GI tag for Rasagola. This explains why Hyderabadis goes into a frenzy over its taste and quality. But this year the long wait is being put to a halt with Paradise bringing the Haleem festival ‘Jash-e-Haleem’ between 15th March and 5th May across 24 outlets of Paradise in Hyderabad, adding more days and more happiness for the Haleem lovers. Paradise Haleem offers 100% pure Halal Mutton, 100% Pure Ghee, Zero Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, and lots of love.




Gautam Gupta, CEO of Paradise Food Court Pvt. Ltd. launched the ‘Jash-e-Haleem’ – the Haleem festival – which not only has a rich cultural legacy of Hyderabad but also emotes bonding over Hyderabadi Haleem. This year Paradise has a unique spice mix in their food based on the demand and feedback of their loyal customers. The 30 best quality ingredients used in Paradise Haleem are very carefully sourced, added in precise proportions, and cooked slowly to infuse the aroma, making Paradise Haleem one of the most cherished Haleem in Hyderabad City.




Haleem comes in a season of giving, and hence as a part of their CSR initiatives, Paradise is offering their relished Haleem in orphanages and old-age homes to make them part of the celebration. In this way, the legacy food brand of Hyderabad is extending the festivities to less privileged communities and spreading more happiness.




Paradise will be offering a tamper-proof pack to ensure the best hygiene and quality even during home delivery this year. By bringing in Haleem three weeks earlier with a high-quality Haleem, Paradise is treating its Haleem fans and taking our Hyderabadi pride to entire India with ‘Jashn-e-Haleem’.




Speaking on the launch of ‘Jashn-e-Haleem’, Mr. Gautam Gupta, CEO- Paradise Food Court Pvt. Ltd. said, “Seven decades on, we are still delivering, catering to the taste of the masses both in Hyderabad and rest of the country as well. Thanks to our brilliant leadership and dedicated team. Launching Jashn-e-haleem opens a longer timeline for happiness. The early Haleem festival is a gesture to celebrate the legacy of Paradise while putting a stop to the long wait of food-lovers in the city.”




“The Haleem fans have to wait for one whole year till the next Haleem season is in. This time, the idea was to launch it three weeks earlier to treat themselves and their loved ones. What’s special about Paradise Haleem is that it has become a part of the culture and has gone beyond just being authentic cuisine and brings people together. Based on the customer feedback we have also used a special spice mix this year to make our Haleem, even better. During our consumer tasting research, we have received praises from all customers and we are sure the whole Hyderabad is going to love Paradise Haleem this year.,” added Mr. Siddharth Arora, COO – Paradise Food Courts.




The quality and safety are assured with Paradise complying with their hygiene and food safety standards, especially in the current times. Food is prepared with utmost care and catered to, with hygiene protocols until they are delivered at the table. Paradise is also launching an exciting campaign #DooriyanMitayeHaleem for all Hyderabadis to celebrate the togetherness of our lovely city this season.



The food chain has acquired its place in the Limca Book of Records for ‘Most Biryanis Served In A Year’. In 2017, Paradise catered over 70 lakh servings of biryani and in 2018 the numbers crossed over 90 lakh. Paradise also won the ‘Restaurant Serving the Best Biryani’ award at the Asia Food Congress and Golden Spoon Award at the India Food Forum in 2018. Through the years they have won several accolades and laurels from Telangana State Hotels Associations, GHMC, Times Food Award, Pride of Telangana, and Lifetime Achievement Award to name a few.



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