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Ola kicks off public roll-out of MoveOS 3 for over 1 lakh customers across India

by News Monks

Ola Electric, India’s largest EV manufacturer, today announced the public rollout of its latest software update, Move OS 3. The countrywide rollout will see more than 1 lakh Ola customers receive over-the-air (OTA) updates that will unlock the true potential of their scooters making them the most technologically advanced and feature-rich 2W available in the country.


MoveOS 3, Ola’s third major software update in a year, will add in a slew of new, exciting ones to the already existent plethora of features in Ola’s S1 family of scooters. The much anticipated software update will not only bring in major performance improvements to the scooters but also offer enhanced access, apart from ensuring seamless ride experience and convenience for users while they are on the road. Another major advantage that the upgrade will offer is compatibility of Ola scooters with the company’s rapidly expanding Hypercharger network, currently spread across 27 Indian States. Users will now be able to add a range of 50 kms with just 15 minutes of fast charging at Ola Hyperchargers.


Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Ola Electric, said, “As promised, we have started rolling out MoveOS 3 to all Ola S1 owners this week. This is our third major software upgrade within a span of a year and I couldn’t have been more proud of our engineers who are at the heart of executing world class technology at such speed. At Ola, we aim to build the best of products and then strive to make them even better. MoveOS 2 has been way ahead of its time, introducing first-of-its kind features in 2Ws, MoveOS 3 will turn India’s favorite scooter into a more sophisticated and truly intuitive machine that will redefine the way EV 2Ws are perceived in the country and the world over.”


With the MoveOS 3 upgrade, the Ola S1 Pro and the Ola S1 are set to receive a total of 50+ features and improvements that can be broadly categorized under the three pillars of Performance, Access and Convenience.



Hypercharging: Compatibility of Ola scooters with the ever-expanding network of Ola Hyperchargers, that will allow for fast charging, at a speed of 50 kms in just 15 mins.

Advanced Regen: MoveOS 3 enables 3 different regenerative braking settings that users can choose based on their riding patterns. Regenerative braking also helps in improving range.

Vacation Mode: While going out of town for work or for holidays with family, users can now leave their scooters on this mode for a period of up to 200 days without having to worry about deep discharge.

Hill Hold*: Hill Hold provides an assist to users when driving on inclined roads. Use of Hill Hold activates motor counter torque to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on a hill.



Profiles: With multiple profile options, users will be able to carry their settings and preferences across scooters for a seamless experience across the Ola ecosystem.

Proximity Lock/Unlock: An industry-first feature that will enable users to seamlessly lock or unlock their scooters by simply walking to their scooters with their phones.

Wifi: Users will now be able to enjoy seamless Wifi connectivity on their scooters.



Moods: Users will be able to change their entire riding experience by customizing dash and even the way their scooters sound. Each of the three moods, ‘Bolt’, ‘Vintage’ and ‘Eclipse’ will be available in both light and dark modes.

Party Mode: Allows users to start a party wherever they go with a synchronized scooter light show, for any song that they play on their scooters.

Bluetooth Calling: Users will be able to receive call notifications on their dash and stay connected with friends and family at all times.

Documents on Scooter: Users will now be able to upload important documents such as Driving license, Adhaar card, etc through the Ola Electric App and will be able to access these on the HMI screen of the scooter.

Safety Lights: Addition of these lights will enhance the safety of riders in case they meet with an accident, or something is wrong with their vehicle, or while riding in bad weather.


*Hill hold feature will be in the beta stage with final versions to be rolled out in due course of time.


Apart from the addition of the above features, MoveOS 3 will also be bringing in several performance improvements to Ola’s S1 family of scooters. These include better acceleration in Hyper and Sport modes, increased top speed in Eco Mode, better visibility and increased accuracy when it comes to the vital scooter stats such as DTE (distance to empty), battery percentage, TTC (time-to-charge) etc, among many other minor enhancements that promise to make India’s best selling range of EV two-wheelers even better.

Ola has also been on an aggressive expansion spree, opening up over 50 experience centers spanning across the country and is on track to open 100 outlets by the end of this month and 200 by March 2023. Ola’s mission of ensuring that all 2Ws plying on Indian roads are electric by 2025 is closer to being a reality as the company is working towards building a robust roadmap of electric vehicles to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility.



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