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Mental Health amid thepandemic – A perspective

by News Monks

Mental Health Coach Ronak Gajjar says that one needs to give importance not just to our physical but also our mental health.

Significant changes to our daily lives such as restricted movements, WFH, unemployment upsurge, economic breakdowns, home-schooling of children, socialising dearth hasspread equally along with the pandemic widespread.

As per Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) unemployment of salaried people struck at 18.9 million during the pandemic; July alone contributed to 5 million. Urban areas getting the worst affected were 29.22%, as against 26.69% for the rural areas.

Fear and anxiety about this lesser known disease is overwhelming and is causing strong emotions irrespective of age, gender or social status. Numerous articles recently have written about spike in such anxiety, depression, unrest in relationships, suicide and so on as a result of COVID-19 which is putting an increased strain on the mental health.How do we help people experience less psychological distress in this new normal or atmosphere?

Ronak Gajjar, wellness &meditation coach, an intuitive healer and a spiritual mentor who has been a part of the holistic health industry for 10 years now, believes the answer first lies in changing our outlook. He opines that one needs to give importance not just to our physical but also our mental health.

Ronak Gajjar, a33-year yogi has transformed lives of more than 1 million ‘spiritual-finders’ globally and has touched 6 million people on a mental level through online platform, corporates & specially designed programmes for CEOs & Entrepreneurs till date.

According to Ronak Gajjar, physical health without mental health is incomplete when it comes to overall wellness and they are so interrelated. 

Managing our emotions and behaviours are better when we are in a good mental state which is vital amidst this pandemic. Regular and daily practice of meditation and pranayama helps introspect our inner selves and posing a better perspective towards life.

Ronak Gajjar clarifies, “Goodmental health or wellness is not about dodging from problems or having a perfect life. Rather, it is about living well and feeling capable despite life’s challenges. Our mental health should be a priority for us all.”

When asked about what drives him, Ronak says, “Sculpting peoples mind through mediation pranayam and alternate healing therapies gives me immense satisfaction that my learning is helping lives be better. I don’t treat my work as just a profession, it’s my inner calling.”

Deepen your spiritual connection and live a high-vibration life whether pandemic or no pandemic.For more information about Ronak’s wellness coaching and therapies,visit his website www.ronakgajjar.com 

Author : DIGPU

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