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Meet the new cast of COLORS’ Choti Sarrdaarni post leap

by News Monks

COLORS’ popular show Choti Sarrdaarni has regaled viewers over time with the touching story of
Meher and Sarabjit (played by Avinesh Rekhi) and their kids Seher, Param and Karan. After
attaining much success, the show is now set to open up a new chapter with a generation leap
adding more drama and twists to the storyline. As the story progresses, Meher and Sarabjit meet
with a sudden and tragic accident that takes their lives. But they leave behind their piece of heart,
Seher who has now grown into a strong-willed girl. Her personality is a blend of Meher’s resilience
and Sarab’s honesty and courage as she flaunts her tattoo that reads- MehRab. Nimrit Kaur
Ahluwalia will be seen in an all-new avatar as she steps into the character of Seher Kaur Gill.
As a grown-up, Seher leads an independent life in Canada conducting gidda and dankara
workshops to support her studies. Seher is the bridge between Karan and Param who are still
carrying on their childhood rivalry and are always at loggerheads but Seher brings sanity into their
insane family lives. Both of them love their sister immensely and have taken it upon themselves to
find the best groom for Seher. As destiny would have it, Seher crosses paths with two handsome
men Rajveer and Kunal that will change the course of her life and lead to a beautiful new story.
While actor Mahir Pandhi will be seen as Rajveer, Varun Toorkey will essay Kunal.
Talking about playing Seher ps, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia said, “Seher is a very mature girl who is
blessed with her parents’ characteristics. She is strong, independent and all set to meet any
challenge that comes her way. The very special part about essaying Seher is that I am going to have
a complete makeover which is going to be a surprise for the viewers. It is a completely new avatar
and I am very excited to set out on this beautiful new journey.”
Talking about playing Rajveer, Mahir Pandhi said, “Rajveer is a kind soul, he is all heart and is
willing to go to any extent for the people he cares for. He dotes on his sister and is a loyal friend. I
am immensely happy to be a part of a show like Choti Sarrdaarni that has garnered so much
appreciation from the viewers. The new storyline definitely has a lot in store for the viewers.”
Varun Toorkey who plays Kunal Malhotra said, “It is great being a part of a much-loved show like
Choti Sarrdaarni which has earned a legion of fans through its unique storytelling and the way it
builds the characters. Kunal is one such beautifully crafted character. He is a guy who is a do-
gooder and believes in being nice to people he comes across, regardless. He lives for the little joys
in life and is a very likeable person. I am very excited and I hope that the viewers will appreciate me
in this role.”
Witness Seher, Rajveer and Kunal's journey in Choti Sarrdaarni's starting Monday, 26th
July 2021 onwards every Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm only on COLORS!

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