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Learning Entrepreneurship From Alumni: Day 1 of The Hyderabad Public School Centenary Finale Brings Together Alumni Leaders; Showcases Importance of Networking to Support Budding Entrepreneurs

Learning Entrepreneurship From Alumni: Day 1 of The Hyderabad Public School Centenary Finale Brings Together Alumni Leaders; Showcases Importance of Networking to Support Budding Entrepreneurs

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The Hyderabad Public School (HPS) commenced its centenary celebrations with the HPS StartX Entrepreneurship Summit. The day-long event included various activities such as golf, vintage cars, a museum tour, a photography competition, an Alumni sports reunion, speed networking, and workshops. The summit is designed to be a transformative experience, promoting innovation and collaboration, and concluded with a concert by ‘The Bartenders.’




The HPS StartX Summit unfolded as a daylong event, featuring a Startup symposium spotlighting young alumni-run startups, engaging masterclasses, and seminars. It marked the initiation of a global Alumni founders’ community for ongoing mentorship programs, internship opportunities, and support for entrepreneurial aspirations through seed and pre-series funding. This summit served as a platform for ambitious Eagles venturing into the entrepreneurial realm.




The StartX Showcase highlighted over 30 promising alumni-founded startups, drawing attention from thought leaders. Some notable exhibits included Neehar’s DoctorC, a healthcare and hospital company providing diagnostic services; Archita Bhat’s Mavq, offering an AI-driven low code platform for business innovation; Nishith Parikh’s Hornback, a consumer products company focused on intelligent mobility; Pranav Nimmagadda’s SDG 3 Health, dedicated to ensuring health and well-being for all; Vishnu Teja’s Assetvault, providing asset protection and estate planning through AasaanWill; Akshit Khanna’s Cryptoforce, enabling Indians to be part of the global crypto revolution; Subram Kapoor’s Keus Automation, pioneering smart homes in India; and Dr. Aman’s NatFirst, a rapidly emerging force in the Health-Tech space poised to make a lasting impact.




Gusti Noria, President of The HPS Society said, “Venture capitalists have made entrepreneurship easier today, but our journey faced more challenges. It is crucial for students to be prepared for the future. Startups, a global phenomenon, contribute to a robust ecosystem and economic growth. StartX aligns with achieving long-term goals and fostering sustainable strategies.”




The first panel discussion of the day featured an illustrious lineup of speakers delving into India’s significant growth in entrepreneurship and technology.




During the ‘India Tomorrow: Pioneering Growth and Innovation’ session, Nandan Reddy, Co-founder of Swiggy, said, “Building companies requires a good infrastructure. For example, Uber and food delivery services like Swiggy rely on the internet and GPS to scale up. Public infrastructure provides the foundation for various possibilities, allowing entrepreneurs to innovate. Current applications focus on payment and simple functions, while unknowns act as building blocks for entrepreneurs. Credit services are expected to grow significantly, and healthcare infrastructure for Indian companies should embrace AI in the future. Numerous applications will emerge based on existing layers.”




“The advent of AI marks a significant transformation. The key to the future lies in becoming learning leaders. The landscape is evolving rapidly, and maintaining curiosity as a learner is crucial. The future will revolve around asking questions rather than simply answering them.” Shailesh Jejurikar, COO Proctor and Gamble added.




During the “Future in Focus: India’s Journey through Tech Innovation” session, Satish Reddy, Chief Engineer at JSC Engineering (NASA), highlighted, “The enormity of problems and user cases paves the way for substantial AI solutions. Hard innovation is the key for Indians to think outside the box. Innovators should bring technical ideas and business cases to the market, focusing on achieving the ultimate goal regardless of the learning and growth curve with AI.”




Subram Kapoor, Executive Director of Keus Automation, added, “Original innovation originating from India aligns with our company vision and should be the goal for startups. It’s essential to comprehend the needs of Indian consumers and tailor solutions for them.”




K.S. Parag, Founder, and Managing Director of FVC, emphasized, “Continuous innovation, staying on the cutting edge, and maintaining hunger for your goals are imperative. Today’s buzzwords are gen AI and ChatGPT. AI can revolutionize medicine and enhance predictive capabilities for medical diagnoses. The Made in India program’s rollout is commendable, and India is a leader in cybersecurity solutions. It’s crucial to harness the benefits of AI responsibly, ensuring it doesn’t become a destructive force. Stay passionate, humble, and innovative.”




Ashit Talukdar, Global Head of AI and automation at S&P Global, stated, “A customer-focused mindset is essential. We need fundamentally innovative solutions to serve humanity. The success of HPS is attributed to the social network of people coming together.”




Startup Pitch Event, similar to Shark Tank, gave a boost to Six Alumni-led startups by allowing them to pitch in front of a 5-judge panel. By the summit’s end, these startups are expected to secure 4.5 Cr in funding from Alumni Investors, including major contributors like Mr. Ashish Bajaj, CEO and co-founder of eLear Solutions, and Mr. Sailesh Sigatapu, General Partner at Anthill Ventures.


A notable social impact startup, Evate, founded by Mr. Amith Sahani, is transforming Electric Vehicle Adoption and Sustainability. Evate aims to accelerate the global shift to electric vehicles, ensuring accessibility and promoting sustainability for a greener future, with a focus on financial inclusion for auto drivers.




Other innovative startups featured at StartX include Panoplia.io, a women-led AI-powered solution for secure digital transactions, co-founded by Prathyusha Vemuri. Svasta, an AI-enabled continuous Remote Monitoring healthtech platform co-founded by Sai Tarun, and Hitwicket, a gaming startup by Kashyap Reddy contributing to the Indian gaming industry, were also highlighted. Wiz Edufin, founded by Raghavendra Prasad, provides fun mini-lessons for learning personal finance, while Harmony, founded by Srikant Rajasekharuni, offers productivity and profitability monitoring for MSMEs in India.




The event also included a 5-minute speed networking session, where mentors and thought leaders from diverse fields partnered with aspiring individuals to exchange ideas spanning entrepreneurship, content creation, creative arts, performing arts, law, healthcare, technology, finance & accounting, and marketing.




Two empowering Masterclasses were part of StartX: “The Growth Mindset Workshop” led by growth mindset expert Ranjan Banerjee, and “Design Thinking” facilitated by Kanika Kumar, Product and Strategy at IDEO, and Sahithya Anumolu, Co-Founder of Inqui-lab Foundation.




Following this, the HPS Centenary Vintage Car Show unfolded in the Back Field. Maintained impeccably under Mr. Pestonjee’s care, the collection of vintage cars, originally commissioned by the Nizam of Hyderabad, included notable vehicles such as the Nizam’s Oldsmobile, a 1954 Dodge, and an Austin Champ featuring a Rolls Royce engine. Vintage masterpieces paraded through the campus, providing visitors with an opportunity to appreciate the aesthetics of these classic vehicles.



The Primary School Zone hosted a Learning Zone, featuring four-panel discussions, four workshops, a photography competition, a book launch, book reading, and a debate. The Basalath Jah Stadium hosted an exclusive HPS Centenary Golf Tournament for Alumni, earmarked for charity and starting at 6 am. From 10 am, the HPS Carnival featured Cabana-style stalls organized by parents offering food and beverages, student-arranged games, and a unique shopping experience. The carnival included live music, DJs, stand-up comedy, magic shows by street magicians, jesters on stilts, dance performances, art displays, poetry recitations, and more.



An HPS Alumni Sports Reunion facilitated friendly competitions between Alumni and students in various sports, including cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, shooting, and swimming. The Hyderabad Public School Museum, titled “Echoes of Time,” presented a historical odyssey spanning 100 years of the school. The exhibit showcased old-school buses, uniforms, benches, and interactive installations that transported Alumni back in time. Through virtual and mixed reality experiences, Alumni could immerse themselves in the boys’ dormitories from earlier batches. The exhibition was enhanced by a Wall of Honour, serving as a testament to HPS’s enduring legacy of excellence.

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