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Lakanto brings Monkfruit based sweetener to India

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Lakanto, a leading global brand from Saraya Co., Ltd Japan has brought the benefits of Monkfruit based sweetener for Indian consumers. Lakanto comes from the house of Saraya, which is into manufacturing and sales of health and hygiene products and services. The company is a global leader when it comes to Consultation on food and environmental sanitation and development. It is one of the leading names in manufacturing of natural sweetener worldwide. In India, the brand is part of Saraya-Mystair Hygiene Pvt Ltd.




The story of Monkfruit dates back to over a thousand years in remote mountain highlands of Asia, where monks discovered a fruit which was prized for it’s sweetness and rare abilities to raise ‘chi’ or ‘life energy’. This sacred fruit was named ‘Monkfruit’ and was used for centuries to increase chi and well-being, earning it the nickname “The Immortals’ Fruit.”




Lakanto still harvests monk fruit in the same pristine area and according to traditional and environmental methods.




Most fruits get their sweetness from fructose and glucose, both which tend to wreak havoc on blood glucose levels and are linked to a wide variety of other problems. Monkfruit’s sweetness doesn’t come from fructose or sucrose, but from healthy compounds called mogrosides, which is actually an antioxidant. Because the sweetness doesn’t come from sugar, the extract has no calories and no carbs and will not affect blood glucose levels in any way. The fact that it is an antioxidant means that desserts made from Lakanto could be helping to manage inflammation levels in the body and potentially even have anti-cancer results.




Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners have zero calories, zero net carbs, a low glycemic index and are keto and paleo friendly. They are great for both diabetics and those looking to live a healthier lifestyle.


The total diabetic population in India 77 Million and expected to be double in next 5 Years.




Sweetener industry is now not limited to tea and coffee and expanding it’s usage to baking and cooking .




The brand has made a conscious effort to make the switch from sugar as convenient as possible by offering a 1:1 ratio for replacing sugar in all forms of consumption. The sweetener is ideal for cooking and baking because it mimics the sweetness of sugar by combining fruit extract and erythritol.




One of the major reasons for success of Lakanto globally stems from the fact that the sweetener doesn’t compromise on taste in the name of health. It is the only sweetener available today with no aftertaste.




On the Indian foray, Rajesh Gupta , CEO and Vipul Sachdeva, India Business Head, Lakanto India, stated that “We are quite excited about providing our products to customers in India. The Sweetener Industry in India is going through a dynamic shift from diabetic centric to wellness and lifestyle oriented. Our goal is to bring ‘chi’ to all life by creating innovative, delicious, sugar-free products. We inspire people to reach their highest potential in health and wellness by helping them discover their ‘chi’. Our Organic Monk fruit Sweetener is a symbol of our devotion to quality ingredients and our commitment to respecting the environment. Since we completely avoid pesticides in our monk fruit farms, customers can freely choose any Lakanto product, regardless of the organic certification.”




Lankato grows and processes monk fruit in a way that is sustainable with their zero-emissions processing plant. This Monk fruit based sweetener is a lifestyle-friendly product that works with ketogenic, diabetic, candida, paleo, vegan, low-sugar, non-GMO, and all-natural diets. It carries forward the tradition of healing by helping people get rid of their sugar addictions.



Lakanto’s products are available on leading e-commerce portals. The company is also rapidly expanding is offline presence in the country with availability of it’s products across major stores.



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