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Home Entertainment Karuna Pandey and Jayesh More visit Ahmedabad to ring in the New Year: talk about upcoming twists and turns in of Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

Karuna Pandey and Jayesh More visit Ahmedabad to ring in the New Year: talk about upcoming twists and turns in of Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

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Since its launch in June last year, Pushpa of Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible has been steadily winning over the hearts of audiences across the country. The feisty and empowered female protagonist of the unique show has become a source of inspiration for many through her relatable yet extraordinary tale of grit, perseverance, and courage. A self-made woman and mother of three from rural Gujarat who runs her own business in Mumbai, Pushpa portrayed by the talented Karuna Pandey, has been a force to reckon with, owing to her never say never attitude, unbridled strength and her million-dollar smile! After completing her quest for education, Pushpa now embarks on yet another battle, this time against her past which has come back to haunt her. To talk more about this exciting new storyline, the cast of Pushpa Impossible, Karuna Pandey and her co-star Jayesh More who portrays the role of her estranged husband Dilip Patel visited the city of Ahmedabad.

Commenting on essaying the role of Pushpa, Karuna Pandey said, “Pushpa has been through a lot and her life is a testimony that you can win over hardships if you have the right attitude and the right kind of support to back you up in times of need. However, things are about to change for Pushpa as her destiny has other plans and her life has decided to test her once again. The one who wounded her, Dilip has presented himself once again and it will be interesting to watch if Pushpa is able to face this turmoil in her life or will she crumble meeting the person who is responsible for all her agonies at one point? I think the next phase of Pushpa’s life has been a blessing for me as an artist as I get to widen my horizon and experiment yet again! Today, I am in Ahmedabad to share more titbits about interesting turn of events in Pushpa’s life and I couldn’t be more excited to be here.”

Jayesh More, who essays the character of Dilip Patel, says,“Every character in Pushpa Impossible is very layered, however, what distinguishes Dilip from the other characters is that he is a grey-shaded character. He brings a lot of changes in Pushpa’s life as she finds herself at yet another crossroad. I think he is here to switch things up and surround Pushpa with a wave of emotions which we don’t know how she plans to deal with. It’s been an incredible experience shooting with the cast and crew and we are here today at Ahmedabad to spill the beans about the upcoming roller-coaster ride. I can assure you that the way ahead is filled with more spice and interesting plot twists which will blow your minds so stay tuned and keep supporting Pushpa Impossible only on Sony SAB!”



Pushpa Patel’s positive view on life inspiresviewers to work harder, and they are also delighted by her razor-sharp wit and snappy one-liners. However, even a person like Pushpa, who generally has a bright outlook on life, has a past which has some amount of darkness in it. In recent events, a part of Pushpa’s past which she had tried to forget and run away from has caught up to her in the form of Dilip Patel aka DharamRaidhan(Jayesh More).

Hers has been a life of struggle and hardship, but it could never eclipse Pushpa’s zest for life. But when the past rears its ugly head in the form of her husband coming back into her life, it is going to take every ounce of strength Pushpa possesses to overcome this new hardship in her life. The upcoming episodes of the show promise to be filled with nail-biting drama and heart-wrenching emotional turmoil for Pushpa.

What will happen when the truth gets to her? Will she have the strength to come face to face with her past or will she lose control when her demons confront her?

Keep watching Pushpa Impossible every Monday to Saturday at 9:30 PM only on Sony SAB


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