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Inspirational Journey of the Founder of LLT

by News Monks

Aditti Agrawal, a young entrepreneur from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, had always been passionate about travel and hospitality. After completing her studies, Aditti worked in the corporate sector for a few years. However, her love for travel and her desire to provide unique and luxurious experiences to travelers prompted her to start her own venture. In 2022, Aditti founded LuxeLifeTravels along with her partner, with the aim of providing high-end travel services in India.

Starting a travel business from scratch was not easy, but Aditti was determined to make her vision a reality. She spent countless hours researching the industry, identifying potential clients, and building a network of suppliers and partners. With her meticulous planning and execution, LuxeLifeTravels quickly gained popularity among luxury travelers in India.


Aditti’s commitment to providing personalized and customized travel experiences set LuxeLifeTravels apart from other travel companies in the country. Her team of travel experts worked closely with clients to understand their preferences and create bespoke itineraries that catered to their specific needs. The company’s services included everything from luxury accommodation to private tours and experiences, making it a one-stop-shop for discerning travelers.

As LuxeLifeTravels gained more clients and recognition, Aditti continued to innovate and expand the business. She launched new packages and offers with strategic tie-ups at many hotels,  Her dedication to excellence and her ability to adapt to changing market demands made LuxeLifeTravels a leading name in the luxury travel industry.

Today, LuxeLifeTravels is a thriving business that has served many of clients across India and beyond. Aditti’s vision and hard work have paid off, and her success story has become an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs in the country. As a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, Aditti has broken barriers and proven that with passion, perseverance, and innovation, anything is possible.

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